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  1. This guy is just afraid of his wife as Artie is. You git ur bloody arse out der n mow da fookin lawn ya wanker!
  2. Hey all, I just picked up a GTX 970 used for a 130 clams locally off the Facebook Market app and I'm stepping up from my GTX 660 Ti Well no real problems and it nearly doubled my frame rate in DSC using Win 7 64 the reason I bought it. But I have my machine as a triple boot (Win XP, Win 7, Win 10 ) to accomidate older perifials and software that I still use and to step into the world of Win 10. Well I found out the GTX 970 has no drivers for XP sort of a bummer, but not a buzz kill just yet. I did some research and found this site. http://mattpilz.com/windows-xp-drivers-nvidia-geforce-gtx-970-980-980-ti-titan-x/ And it worked like a charm. I even just played IL2 on it the install from the other drives exe. Going to zip a backup of this guys page and add here just incase it goes away and someone here needs it. Nvidia XP Driver Hack.zip
  3. Just WOW

  4. More tragedy

    In their mind an Infidel is only meat to kill or take advantage of, no more no less. When I saw what they do to dogz mans best friend, I knew then there was no hope for them to be anymore than the lowest form of mamal on the planet.
  5. More tragedy

    Yep have been wondering the same thing. Glad to hear a bit of happy out of all this BS!
  6. Virtual Cockpit

    Yep been using since I got back to flying in December.
  7. My Kid's acting career

    You can now if interested stream the episode. Her scene is at 26.52 http://www.nbc.com/chicago-pd/video/emotional-proximity/3475512 I'd recomending watching all three episodes from the the nioghts cross over of Chicago Fire http://www.nbc.com/chicago-fire/video/deathtrap/3474749 Chicago PD http://www.nbc.com/chicago-pd/video/emotional-proximity/3475512 Chicago Justice http://www.nbc.com/chicago-justice/video/fake/3474751
  8. DCS and Force feedback

    Yes swap axis
  9. I made this! LOL I forgot to mention that you need this checked "User Snap View Saving" APHill just showed us this link he found earlier today, with a bunch of info on this and more. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114260
  10. Lego

    That was fun LOL
  11. My Kid's acting career

    For those of you not on FB or friends of mine on it. I want to let you know about this. Here is screen shot if you don't have FB.
  12. Honda CTX1300

    Well that looks sporty
  13. DCS Spitfire IX Tips

    Yeh that was me that asked, Thanksa bunch! You made it look so easy, so I guess I best get cracking on making it that way for me too.
  14. Sorry My Bad Wellingtons, You know all those Brits look alike to me LOL