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  1. 50 gig a month, US Cellar IIRC $60 plus cost of modem, I purchased it outright. As for the game Got this email today
  2. Howdy Mayhem I can help on a few No clickable cockpits flight/damage models are as good as anything we've had before and possibly better. The just finally allowed trim on the slider, I'm finally interested after this last patch. Look into 5G modem from a cell provider, thats what I had to do for this house outside of town, I can actually game as well as ever as a client, I have not even considered hosting.
  3. Happy Birthday here too Gypsy!

  4. T_O_A_D

    Track IR DCS

    I'm getting a broken kneck and am getting worn out from the irraticness of the this. My TIR works fine in 1946, Clod, and ROF But not in DCS or BOS. I'm only listing stuff right now for DCS Because its the one I want to get a handle on first over the two. Here is my profile. TOAD DCS.xml Here are a coupl of tracks trackir weirdness2.trk trackir weirdness3.trk Jack, AP, and fenrir Have either had the problem or still suffering from it, and all have tried to help. I've read its corrected in 2.0.3 in this thread, but Tom has that version I beleive. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=170547&page=3 any ideas?
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