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  1. Is this popup, that I just received tied into this that you speak of? I haven't had this PC up much in the last year, due to home projects, and no Broadband, but recently got 5G out here so am farting around with the notion to try and get online and try to fly. But so far for two days, I've had no luck updating BOX, deleted entire update folder, its downloading again, we will see,
  2. T_O_A_D


    Bout time you started flying a Mustang Sir Spitty 😉 Good looking color, If I was into cars, instead of trucks, the Stang has always had a draw.
  3. Very Interesting!
  4. When I used to be able to command and host, and the game selection was much different than now. We made a point to fly to the most weakest link. If a guy only had lets say WW2 Janes, and the rest of us did too, well we flew that. The online experience is for the Camaraderie and the Human interaction IMHO Otherwise if not for the want for that you could easily indulge yourself in single player, and be happy as a clam, until you actually thought you was good at it, and jumped in a Online server with Breather's Tennmike from the UBI ZOO did just that with me years ago, bragged and bragged at what an exceptional P-38 pilot he was. I am not and told him so, but the floor was wet with his tears soon enough. I had no idea a Human could outfly and AI ROFLMAO
  5. I don't have broadband, so Meh 😞 But do as you like, and when I do I'll adjust accordingly. Selfishly I'd like 46 on Sundays, because its second nature and when I do get around it's easy to fall in. I certainly miss the camaraderie.
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