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  1. Nice Hillbilly ingenuity, more proof that some of them Union boys drug back Southern brides North, it apparently crossed the border too LOL
  2. One of boredom and one of my life long Christmas gift.
  3. So did you guys buy the addon, or are you just using the tanks like they have been for awhile?
  4. T_O_A_D

    win7 ftw

    Ditto, and older hardware if your dual booting with XP or something, which I do on another none gamer, but I have one game on it that a FPS that will not run with anything newer to the physics engine for the game.
  5. OK Kevin, I just bought a recovery software hoping to salvage some accidentally lost video. I just used it on the 2TB drive that I also accidentally formatted a couple years ago with all my games on it. I found the ROF 1vs1 Missions. I just uploaded them to here.
  6. Rise of Flight 1vs1 map View File I made this back in 2012, only ran it a few times with Fruitbat and a couple others, it is not complete, but possibly it can be used to reverse engineer, and the learn the ME for ROF and CLOD Or use as is, and cut some kites. Submitter T_O_A_D Submitted 11/25/2020 Category RoF - Missions Checksum
  7. T_O_A_D

    win7 ftw

    Me too but I dual boot with it and 10, somethings I run on either one depends which OS it behaves with the best.
  8. At first but not anymore, TITANIUM TOAD Now 😎
  9. Yep and I'm too old to relearn what I have forgotten. I also did that while I was off work for 11 weeks due to my left knee replacement.
  10. I would, and with my limited bandwidth a 1vs1 should be doable. If not I'll just go hide in the basement again LOL I should probably stay there too, since I virtually don't fly anymore, due to low bandwidth. Single player, just isn't fun without the RL Camaraderie
  11. He forgot the shoulder shooting and cutting in between your friends and their targets that they are obviously chasing, really dumb when tracer rounds are already there LOL We made this gif below at a land party 15 years ago in my Garage, Ferret Bomber is my Daughter lol
  12. T_O_A_D


    WB Kimo! Last we talked it was on the phone, I believe.
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