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  1. Painless Left in a Hurry I see 😏
  2. T_O_A_D

    You Are Here.jpg

    Thanks Forced into it dead stick, only safe landing I made Sunday LOL
  3. What do you think they are trying to tell ya FB 😏
  4. T_O_A_D


    Bad Aim was there also, but I accidentally lost that screen shot.
  5. Cool! I Used to have a bunch of these I built for the original for my Squad I ran back then. Gave out ribbons etc. I wanted everyone to be able to take off and land first and foremost. all the stuff in the middle was the gravy and the icing of the cake came once home alive.
  6. I'm not finding an active link for the first one. Never mind, I wasn't signed in over on their Forum for some reason.
  7. I'll grab them I miss the old way of that I used to host at. 2000k aircraft type, 500k friendly pilot name, and you only on the mini map. too bad we the server/host doesn't have the control like in 1946.
  8. Oh those Bloody wanker's know my bloomin addy!!!!
  9. Thanks Squawk I'll keep getting the rest of theirs, I know Fenrir mentioned someone else also but I've forgotten who, so if there are anymore real well worth your time viewing trainers post a link, I'll add links here too as I find and view them. I'm using a grabber page so and downloading them so I don't have to keep using bandwidth to watch again and again LOL I used to grab vids out of my temp file, but it looks like WIN 10 corrupts them or locks them not sure but this sight lets me snag them. https://www.tubeoffline.com/download-YouTube-videos.php
  10. Crash I've been interested in the Butt kicker for years, Not yours mind you, it would not be worth the cost of us shipping it over seas. I'm more curious to why your parting with it and what did you replace it with? I'm assuming the TrackIR fell prey to VR?
  11. I could have, but I'd rather not move it anymore than need be, It's in the basement, and its a large Cooler Master case. Plus to haul it safely, some of the cards should be pulled from the mobo due to road vibration. Our roads can swallow a VW but it still makes a $X$ truck ride pretty rough.
  12. Any of you running this MOD have a DCS profile I can try. For the life of me I can't get mine to respond very well. The one I have for BOS seems to work the best but still end up out of the pit or in the floor during a dog fight in DCS. Here is mine, if y care too try it and see if it treats you unfairly. I'll also include my others, just in case your curious. TOAD IL2 1946.xml TOAD Clod.xml TOAD BOS.xml TOAD DCS.xml
  13. This is what I had to go through, still working out the bugs on the inputs, why that isn't just copy paste stream lined like other games is beyond me. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4188288&postcount=15
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