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  1. Any of you guys using these apps to control things via a phone or tablet in your aircraft? https://www.touch-portal.com/#downloadstitle https://community.matricapp.com/
  2. Did the update today fix it Sweper? I was going too check mine with the dump file and found out I have a 376.74 update to download.
  3. Then there is is this old thread that has people posting it regularly. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21111-finding-the-cause-of-a-random-crash-issue-special-thread-1/
  4. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62484-crash-to-desktop-after-adjusting-settings-after-the-4007/?tab=comments#comment-956244 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62518-crashes-since-4007/?tab=comments#comment-956934 Still waiting for some sort of response
  5. I figured out I could just copy my saved game and then rename it and direct it to the renamed folder via this prog. 😎
  6. Yes I saw this on FB yesterday, and posted very interested in this stuff
  7. Ok, So I've been reading, and it is possible to only have one install to save HD space, and a command prompt to switch back and forth, anyone doing that? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030 From what I understand you can use the same Saved Game folder with all your settings with no issues between the two??? I also sort of think it requires a separate folder for those so it doesn't interfere. I"M Scared LOL I also found a Prog that lets you skip the command prompts but it looks like it actually wants two completely different installs. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053 I used to run two complete separate installs and GOT VERY FRUSTRATED WITH ALL CONSTANT BACKING UP AND RE-FIGURING. Ooops, sorry for the caps.
  8. I got it! Totally ran my phone data limit to throttled back, but I got the bloody thang
  9. Welcome, no need for credentials, you sort of let the cat out of the bag when you spelled Sturmovik correctly, obviously your overqualified, Please leave now LOL
  10. I know just got done reading it and though HMMM
  11. You talkin to me, You talkin to me? I checked my phone it has 20 gig left on its limit, so I'm going to hotpot a connection and wifi torrent it into my PC I can't fly online with it that way, but I can grab data, slowly.
  12. Thanks SID, I got the ICON stuff sorted the other day and yes it was a folder in a folder thing. I extracted them and didn't notice it had done that. I need to look into that SUN Size thing, and started Downloading the polished Canopys the other day, but he has them hosted individually, so it's taking me a spell too get it done. FT the one's I marked off with the Minus sign were the one's I tried, but left them there in case I changed my mind, or need them later.
  13. T_O_A_D

    I-16 owners

    A friend of mind GOZR pointed this out to me. I16 added axis for "mixture" and "Oil radiator" and cooling flaps on Axis that is missing.. Haa!!! now it's cool.. working perfectly with Quadrant Try it.. make the controls way less troublesome!! DCS World\Mods\aircraft\I-16\Input\I-16\joystick {action = 3044, cockpit_device_id = devices.MOTOR_SYSTEM, name = _('Mixture Setting Axis')}, {action = 3048, cockpit_device_id = devices.MOTOR_SYSTEM, name = _('Oil Radiator Flaps Axis')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = devices.MOTOR_SYSTEM, name = _('Motor cooling flaps Axis')},
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