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  1. Fondly thought of quite often, as with other's, hopefully they are all up there having a laugh at us.
  2. Horseball's! You hacked Tom's machine and stole a track 😉
  3. Hell the Music sold it LOL
  4. T_O_A_D

    DCS F4U-1D

    Stop it Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm never going to learn this new F18 Blow job when all these new Props showing up here and elsewhere.
  5. Where is and what is this other small mod called and located?
  6. T_O_A_D


    Yep him and I met years ago, flying for TUSA in those world team competitions. A guy named GOZR had the idea, I helped set it up, and then pulled back when asked to lead TUSA and let it build into something with Pepper in charge of the team, it was great fun, but too little too late in the life of IL2 original. They had just discovered the cheat, of seeing your position on the map, if your players moved around in the cockpits of multi-seat aircraft. Once it was discovered that the Russians were looking at the log file on the fly. We hosed them and purposely put aircraft out in the boonies to be fodder, and sure enough they'd show up, while our min flight moved in and destroyed the target. It's not a flight that I did anything my PC choke that day. And for some reason this os the only link to any of it I can find atm. https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/487900-Congrads-to-Team-USA!?highlight=tusa After that and the proof, they quit playing, and the other teams found out about the cheat, and it just sorted of faded into obscurity. I wish we'd of put it together a few years earlier, but the Net code and ISP were not quite ready for it at the time. We help one of our mates make a movie that he had envisioned. I see its been uploaded in one piece, but the two originals give the credits. There are two pilots lost to us since then. Monguse, and Gypsy. I was hoping Gypsy had a speaking part, but I can't hear him and he's not listed as a voice actor. I only spoke once that I can recall, it's ironic because my voice is Allied, but I was flying all the Black nose scenes, and when you hear me I'm calling out the black nose for taking off. lol
  7. T_O_A_D


    Thanks guys, I'm sure becoming a DD added a couple of years to his life. I was just looking at old text and messenger Messages with him and it took me like 10 years to get him back into flying. Once I did it took several months to get him online, it took him awhile to develop enough strength and drive to handle the pressures of sitting and manipulating his muscles and concentration to pull it off. Being a working man, I could not be there for him as often as a group of like minded chaps could be. Thus the reason I prodded him into the DD, it literally took weeks to get him convinced you guys didn't bite LOL Here are some screen shots of us and Messenger, in the early days of Danger Dogz and getting the games going. I sure do miss him, I'm not going to show all our conversations, but we'd message each other on and off through out the day, at times on a daily basis. and just like TS we talked about everything and anything, short that stuff Mick rambles on about all the time LOL.
  8. T_O_A_D


    Rest in Peace Bill Rotureau Fair sky's and tail winds Gypsy! Thanks for being such a good Friend, wingman and Patriot! I'm so glad you was able to move in with your daughter even briefly before ya had to go.
  9. Another thought crossed my mind whilst doing dishes tonight FT. The mind wanders when doing the mundane. What about getting the prog to create a folder and rename the original folder sort of like JSGME and vice versa Once it's able to do that, we could build an exact narrowed list for the DD collection. I was noticing today, that some of the stock skins have been recreated by the community, and for all reasonable purposes are nothing better, other than possibly 4k. If the latter then fine, keep the higher resolution, but if not well. I know its hard to put the Jeanie back in the bottle, without a bit of work, and work that I can't actually help with, short trimming the paints. Another just popped in, what about special skin sets like a Campaign Squadron being made into a JSGME, I'm wondering about load times, does the stable affect this game like other games?
  10. I wish I could host, I miss messing with the server, I still have the extra equipment, just no connection to support it. I like the sideline Dogfight server idea, but not so sure on the rotating coop mission during flight time. I can see that becoming two separate flights due to mission lengths and guys not willing to quit one or the other???
  11. Here is that prog I mentioned the other day Fruitbat. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61685.0.html
  12. How many gig? My allowed amount was just reset, and I don't want to run shy for flying BOS for the next month.
  13. I agree going through a 30 gig witch hunt is crazy. But in IMO a specific DD set, with one (IE) "Big Beautiful Doll" 4k per aircraft type only makes sense. Later on as we do them, Individual DD Pilot skins would be nice. Or if we are doing a campaign together a Historical Squadron could easily be added in. Possibly we could post the skin as a poll before we just willy nilly push it up to the Skault??? It's a great prog FT is an extreme value, but the rest of us could turn his good work into a major resource hog full of trash.
  14. This version works fine for me, totally ran myself out of data the last two days though. Luckily it got reset today. I haven't spent much time playing yet, but I noticed an awful lot of the same skins in the P-51 stable, just different artist and or versions of wear. I'd say we may need to vote or poll the scrubs out.
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