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  1. Still harvesting, I have some of the best cantaloupe I've ever ate too.
  2. Good for Android users, I hate Apples anyway LOL Back when I posted this I had a couple extra android phones laying around, if you get to liking it BOB I may go get a used one and dedicate it to just this.
  3. T_O_A_D

    The Boys from BC

    Need to share that layer, and find a Spitty one for the UK then others etc.
  4. We're getting off-topic a bit, but the GR has already started this stunting the other day LOL
  5. Yep it went viral pretty quick yesterday, I know I shared it at least twice LOL
  6. FT is correct, I had forgotten about 4.13.3 I have it installed but we never played it much since we had HSFX I'm sort of a hoarder with too many fat storage drives. LOL
  7. Nice job dressing for the slide and not the ride!
  8. I just fired up 4.12.2 no B-24 avaialble
  9. Adding this here so when I talk to any of you I can have you look at it and understand my idea better https://studio.youtube.com/video/hh5WA2zZrdk/edit
  10. How is he adjusting the dial part and what is it doing to the shot placement?
  11. T_O_A_D

    Icon Settings

    Off topic but did not the tank crews have some sort of range finding equipment in WW2, or was it as in game lob one and guess then adjust?
  12. Yeah, too bad it doesn't do that for the DDs and only the affects the 👜
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