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  1. Everything you mentioned FT has bugged me from the onset of the sim. Plus TrackIr works differently for me in it. I have fidled and fiddled and can not get it to perform as in the original or Clod both those games feel more natural than this one with TrackIr
  2. multi-sim control key and axis mapping

    I have a Microsoft FFB stick, Saitek X-45, X-52, and Ch pedals and trackIr. I base all my settings from IL2 Sturmovik 1946, but that was originally based of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, back in the 90's LOL I have a Joystick Prog I started to mess with a year ago, then got overwelmed with it. Hoping to control them all with just one prog. http://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/
  3. WTH? DOVER CLIFFS SHOW GOING WEST IN THE MIROR lol Dam caps! Here is my Conf.ini atm
  4. Nevermind I figured it out. The Conf.ini was corrupt somehow. I renamed it and let the game build a new on, and now I have 58-60 fps in Blitz on said track. I thought possibly I drug the one from Clod Mod over and broke it so I did just that and it runs fine with that one too. I looked at the text lines and they look the same short EpilepsyFilter=1 [game] mirror=0 But even if I add those it still has no effect on FPS. So who knows. If your suffering from said complant give it a try. I made a track for testing if ya want it. Dover Radar.trk And incase you want to try it, here is the half fps corrupt conf.ini
  5. DAM!!!! I thought it was going to be as good on that note :-( I realy don't want to upgrade hardware for it, since all the rest run fine and this is still limited to BOB
  6. I'm getting 60 fps flying around the towers at dover with the Mod version, and only 29 with Blitz, Single player Free flight mission all the settings for video are the same between the two. Anyone else take a hit like that?
  7. Merry Christmas!

    Yes Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all!!!
  8. Merry Christmas!!

    Yes, Merry Christmas D_Dogz and a Happy New year to you all!!!
  9. Still downloading here. anyone know if and what settings we can carry over from the original to this? IE ammo belts, keyboard and joystick config etc?
  10. HSFX7.0_to_7.03.rar FoolTrottel posted a topic in ****Announcements**** HSFX7.0_to_7.03.rar View File Update HSFX 7.0x to 7.03 Disable all JGME Mods first. Extract to your game folder. Submitter FoolTrottel Submitted 11/30/2017 Category HSFX 7 Checksum
  11. Coming back to the kennel!

    Howdy Pup! Sounds like my life short the Retirement, I got another decade or so to go :-(
  12. My Headphones are tired

    I have repaired and limped this set of Platronics along for well over 10 years. Anyone have any suggestions on something of quality without the price ;-)
  13. sale on

    OK I added Moscow premium. Last year I made the mistake of buying BOS premium and then the two collector planes. Doh! If someone here buys the Standard BOS can I give them the serials to these two planes, Then later on if they feel the need give me a couple? I tried to get them credited back immediatly, but I never received anything on the 190 I did the other, but its still listed as if I bought it it.