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  1. I could have, but I'd rather not move it anymore than need be, It's in the basement, and its a large Cooler Master case. Plus to haul it safely, some of the cards should be pulled from the mobo due to road vibration. Our roads can swallow a VW but it still makes a $X$ truck ride pretty rough.
  2. Any of you running this MOD have a DCS profile I can try. For the life of me I can't get mine to respond very well. The one I have for BOS seems to work the best but still end up out of the pit or in the floor during a dog fight in DCS. Here is mine, if y care too try it and see if it treats you unfairly. I'll also include my others, just in case your curious. TOAD IL2 1946.xml TOAD Clod.xml TOAD BOS.xml TOAD DCS.xml
  3. This is what I had to go through, still working out the bugs on the inputs, why that isn't just copy paste stream lined like other games is beyond me. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4188288&postcount=15
  4. T_O_A_D


  5. Yes guys more than one Game, but games only, I broke down an ordered a 4T drive, so once it gets here I should be able to bounce back out of this. Good thought though, that's how I got Gypsy up and going again, with 1946 except I just burned to DVD's so he could dump it on his drive, when he had shit internet like this. Then he got the fiber and I fell back to this kind of crap shortly after. I totally forgot to check on ISP service for this new house, I never dreamed it didn't have broadband in this subdivision. It's been here since 1965ish not even cable tv made it here. but a 1/4 mile away in a newer subdivision built in the 80's has it all, and we're closer to the city limits than they are.
  6. Thanks for that, Yes I meant 2T not Gig 🙄 I've never done a large enough drive to cause this phenomenon. Lots of small recovers 1/2gig or so. So I never realized the progs were doing that until now. I'll just buy a 4T drive then. Because down loading on a 50gig limit per month is not feasable.
  7. Thats what started this whole problem originally, accidently deleted all the pics with the camera, then was recovering them with the PC, then while there, quick formatted the wrong drive instead of the card. 🙄
  8. It's a 2 gig drive, so I bought another 2gig drive to recover it too. I've tried Recuva prog and a couple more lost for the name atm, I'm not on that machine now either to look. Problem is when I run the progs it says I need 3.9 gig drive to recover it. I'm at a loss how that works out to be twice the size of the original drive being required. Fruitbat said it might be something like rewriting the boot file on the original to undo the quick format. But he wasn't certain, anyo of you have an idea, IE Roger Wink wink nod nod. Oh I was quick formatting camera memory cards and wasn't paying attention as well as I should have been DOH!!!!!
  9. Blast from the past 🙂 WB JP! Mobius!
  10. Kev, does it not look like I have this already, just the last file has another name? If not can you upload that last file alone, so I don't have to use more of my allowed limit to get it set up correctly?
  11. Read post below, my connection affected my upload ???? So edited this one to read like this.
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