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  1. Jediteo

    Me With A Little Bit Of History..

    Is it a contest? Mine are pretty nice.
  2. Jediteo

    Breitling Wingwankers

    It supposed to be walkers, wingwankers is a show I just don't know if I'd watch. Would be quite impressive though.
  3. Jediteo

    Went flying today and thought of Crumpp

    Ok, there we are. For achievements above and beyond the duty to troll the 1c forums, for displaying great awesome in face of douches everywhere, I nominate Bongo and Fruity for picture of the year.
  4. Jediteo

    P38 Display

    Fenrir porn, keep out.
  5. Jediteo

    Screen 120711 232642

    JTAC humvee getting a personal airshow.
  6. Jediteo

    Screen 120711 232712

    Fen showing off his low-level skills. Lower than a snake's belly. Half a second later he pranged it.
  7. Jediteo

    Screen 120711 225152

    This'll be expensive.
  8. Jediteo

    Screen 120711 222854

    Fenrir and I take a trip up the coast.
  9. Jediteo

    Dcs: World (& P-51D) Gone Gold!

    Smoking and airplanes full of ammo and fuel do not mix Rog.
  10. Jediteo

    Dcs: World (& P-51D) Gone Gold!

    Sweet, I'll be on TS if anyone wants some help. Just be wary, the torque of the 'stang is like riding a bucking bronco if you just push the throttle. You have to treat the old girl nicely or she will bite your face off.
  11. Jediteo

    Dcs: World (& P-51D) Gone Gold!

    They are, well the codes rather. All you need to do Sid is to download DCS world and the modules and you can copy the serial code from Steam. I bought my DCS warthog that way.
  12. Jediteo

    Dcs: World (& P-51D) Gone Gold!

    Download the A10 module and DCS world and you should be able to fly that with us If you want the fly the mustang in a mission, just buy, download and install that module in DCS World. DCS World is the core game, containing all the units etc. The individual modules contain the cockpit data and such, thereby, you can fly in any mission provided you have at least 1 of the planes types. Although I can heartily recommend the Mustang, sure is the nicest prop aircraft I have seen in a game.
  13. Jediteo

    Dcs: World (& P-51D) Gone Gold!

    I know!