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  1. Whats this Artie?  Have you taken to shooting skeet with MG42's?

    Are these MG42's?  After the war everyman and his dog knocked out their own versions of this thing.  I think the Bundeswehr still use 'em. The bonkers rate of fire - with a full size round - is irresistible.

    When I was a very young marine we were taught the way to deal with 'em - if you couldn't use a mortar - was to get in as close as possible,  hope the guy with the MG would loose his head and squeeze off a long burst too many and then rush them while they were doing a barrel change.  

    We were told we had a seven second window:startle:.

    Many years later I read somewhere that the bloody Waffen SS could in fact do it in four seconds!!! 


  2. I still don't understand what we've got these carriers for.

    Are we going to take on China?

    Is it to ensure we retain a seat on the Security Council when we become merely a small island off the coast of NW Europe at the end of next March?

    Is it because the RAF got a new but already obsolete fighter and now it's the navy's turn to get a new toy?

    Defence spending? The last bastion of state socialism in the western world!

  3. FT;  ahhhh....the town is pedestrianized.  Why can't we do that?  And you have lots of small, interesting shops too!

    Our town centres are emptying fast due to the large "just out of town"  supermarket which has robbed all the old town centre shops of their trade.


    Luckily we have had the foresight to replace these shops in our old town centres with a number of abusive, drunken , unemployable people with dogs on ropes. 


    I notice none of the pushbikes left outside shops seem to be locked up.  I am laugh.........................and then cry.

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