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    I live in Oeiras, near Lisboa. love History of Civilizations, travel, when i get the chance to do it, and smoke a nice Cuban cigar.
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  1. ~S~ guys hello to everyone, I have a problem with my saitek pro flight rudder pedal for pc. The rigth pedal don't go down to break. I think it has something lose inside. Does anyone knows how to disassenble the pedals? If you could help in this i'll apreciate .. thanks in advance Cheers A
  2. well, i think i have enougth stuff from the "lunacy" of the dogz. OBRIGADO A TODOS or thx very much to u all! And yes, Sir, Painless, u said it, and u were quite right. Again thx, and with based on your tips i'm going to reorganize my controls. Cheers A
  3. thx, Kevin. Nice tips on the Prop and radiator. Cheers A
  4. Hi guys, after last night coops i realize that my joy settings are useless, not proper assign or many of the commands are making me lose a lot of time online, which puts me in disadvantage always, cause i waste a lot of time searching. Can you guys, using the SAITEK X52, give me a hand and advice or if u don't mind, some of your settings, so that i can see what i need or not. It would be a great help. thx in advance to u all. cheers ~S~ A
  5. i sure will! careful ...u got Asas at you 6:00...... ehehehehehehe
  6. "Assuming it is, say some nice things about FT and you're done." hurrayyyy after several PM's and a few IP's after and a lot of Patience from FT..it's official im back k, u dogzzzz got myself up to date !!!! THZ FT and Jabo cHeers m8's Asas
  7. DD_asas

    New Toy Mmm

    well, under exposed it's cool. if u wont to make some kinda design or effect on photoshop, let's say, Nashville effect, the popular instagram effect. I didn't loved the final result either, too over the top, but HDR it's a very cool tool to use. Just saying. Anyways, i like more, doing designs and analogical photos. Digital just doesn't have the magical of the "click", you know. loved Andy 's pics, tough A
  8. DD_asas

    New Toy Mmm

    Thx, Snako, rather cool tuts. I'm more into analogical photograph machines now. I've got a vintage (it was my father's) Minolta Hi-Matic 9, 1966. Quite cool. But off course it doesn't have the technicals of the digital ones. It's fun. Cheers A
  9. DD_asas

    New Toy Mmm

    yes. that's it. and u can even tweak it even more in Photoshop or Elements or other program that suports RAW files. U get stunning images, without photomontage, u see, cause for me that´s no longer photography but design. well, opinions. Cheers A
  10. DD_asas

    New Toy Mmm

    Well, Arthur, although JPEG is useful for you to see how you pics get, for example , when you shoot in b&W, the difference is that if u shoot in RAW u get more quality , take more advantage of the tonal info of the subject, and u can capture much more details overall. The RAW file will include more data then a JPEG file, plus give you full control over the contrast, balance and highlight. Hope it helps Cheers A
  11. DD_asas

    New Toy Mmm

    Andy, great shoots and use of HDR. One can lose himself on dramatic styles, like FT's first pic, dunno if it's his or not. I saw yor's . u really tweak the photos very well. I personally use PS CS 5 extended, but that Photomatix looks great for HDR. It's only for that particular effect or one can tweak shadows, Highlights, field of depth and stuff? Anyways, liked a lot your portfolio, m8 Cheers
  12. . THX i've gotta the torrent set and dl the Rc. my bad.. ahahahah cheers
  13. i did dl, crash, but it says it's not compatible with my system. I have win 7 pro (x64) any ideas?
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