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  1. Bojan

    Joint Ops Top Gun

    ~S~ Thank you guys. I am overjoyed. And you are absolutely right - Dogs won it again :) Howl, howl, howl... Drinks for everibody!!!! Cheers Bojan
  2. Waaw gents, splendid photos. You had a really good time there. The weather looked exellent too.
  3. Bojan

    Guiding Light on how to set up in Windows 7

    Hi! I usually create disk 2 partitions, when I change my computer. I use C: disk for serious staff and D: for all other BS. My chicks are completely safe in that way.
  4. Bojan

    In game footage from SoW

    Hopefully Tracker IR will allow 3D positioning.
  5. Bojan

    Video of the only flying Spit Mark XI

    That looks a very smooth and clean flight. You could fly it in a nice and shiny tuxedo.
  6. Bojan

    Avatar - THE movie

    ~S~ Well 4.08 was great right? And yesterday I've installed, how you call it, Ultra mega all inclusive pack? Honestly I was littel bit cranky to go all over that torture into downloading deleting, copying, pasting and worrying if I could screw something up things... Well actually I did it so I had to do it twice. You know what? That Ultra mega painiintheassinstall pack is really great and much better then everything before. And I like it. O.k. this thread is really screwed now.
  7. Bojan

    Just got my Rudder pedals

    That's great news Jedi! Remember to kick the right rudder when you want to go right.
  8. Bojan

    Avatar - THE movie

    Well I went for 3D twice (Confession, I am a sinner too). Well I can watch 2D any day.
  9. Bojan

    Avatar - THE movie

    Haha Rattler, Another 2D guy?
  10. Bojan

    Avatar - THE movie

    Ha Snacko! I would use 3D glasses to shoot better and then have fun.
  11. Bojan

    Avatar - THE movie

    How about 3D mod for Il2? Anibody against it? http://www.nixiepixel.com/virtual-reality-3d-game/
  12. Impressive pictures, indeed. On he other hand I don't like the way this show is running. I would prefer that BOB was here.
  13. Bojan

    Re: I don't like Facebook

    What's facebook?
  14. Bojan

    Re: I don't like Facebook

    What's facebook?