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  1. ~S~ Thank you guys. I am overjoyed. And you are absolutely right - Dogs won it again :) Howl, howl, howl... Drinks for everibody!!!! Cheers Bojan
  2. ~S Mr Bojan

  3. Waaw gents, splendid photos. You had a really good time there. The weather looked exellent too.
  4. Hi! I usually create disk 2 partitions, when I change my computer. I use C: disk for serious staff and D: for all other BS. My chicks are completely safe in that way.
  5. Hopefully Tracker IR will allow 3D positioning.
  6. That looks a very smooth and clean flight. You could fly it in a nice and shiny tuxedo.
  7. ~S~ Well 4.08 was great right? And yesterday I've installed, how you call it, Ultra mega all inclusive pack? Honestly I was littel bit cranky to go all over that torture into downloading deleting, copying, pasting and worrying if I could screw something up things... Well actually I did it so I had to do it twice. You know what? That Ultra mega painiintheassinstall pack is really great and much better then everything before. And I like it. O.k. this thread is really screwed now.
  8. That's great news Jedi! Remember to kick the right rudder when you want to go right.
  9. Well I went for 3D twice (Confession, I am a sinner too). Well I can watch 2D any day.
  10. Haha Rattler, Another 2D guy?
  11. Ha Snacko! I would use 3D glasses to shoot better and then have fun.
  12. How about 3D mod for Il2? Anibody against it?
  13. Impressive pictures, indeed. On he other hand I don't like the way this show is running. I would prefer that BOB was here.
  14. What's facebook?
  15. What's facebook?