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Status Updates posted by Snacko

  1. I asked my North Korean friend how it was there, he said he couldn't complain.

  2. The Road home is never too long.

  3. Rode in the nose of a B-25 Mitchell today!! All I can say is AWESOME!

  4. Rode in the nose of a B-25 Mitchell today!! All I can say is AWESOME!

  5. Painting one of the spare bedrooms this week. I hate painting. Being a Perfectionist sucks!

    1. BadAim


      Alcohol helps.

    2. Sweper


      Now the feeling. Repainted my hallway some time ago. Thought I bought enough paint for it. When finished I´d used 3 more buckets.

  6. Got my tractor stuck in the mud the first time out!! I knew it was too wet, but couldn't wait..

  7. Finally got my game pc back up and running. Had to run wires through crawl spaces under the house full of webs for a few hours. Drilled a hole in a nice wood floor too.

  8. Moving to Columbus the next few days... Wheee..

  9. Buying a 'baby' BG estate in a few days. Lawyers, Insurance, Moving, Oh My.. I'll be busy..

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    2. Snacko


      Not a 'human' baby BG estate An amoeba baby BG estate.

    3. DD_Arthur


      Lol, Snacko. Sounds interesting. Post some pics when your the lord of the manor.

    4. Smash


      you what he said

  10. sick as a dog for the 4th straight day with a cold.

    1. Crash


      Not the best way to start a new year ;)

    2. fruitbat


      just starting to feel better myself, last 3 days have been unpleasant. My midnight at new year consisted of looking for some more paracetamol.

      Still, i guess i saved myself a fortune.

  11. Try'in my hand at baking some cut-out cookies for Thanksgiving.

    1. DD_Arthur


      I'm making a Lemon sponge cake right now!

    2. Jediteo


      Chocolate chip here.

    3. DD_Arthur


      My chocolate chips always seem to evaporate into the biscuit mix leaving just a faint smudge and a suggestion of chocolate.

      Most annoying!

  12. Tweaked the Malta Mission tonight adding lot's more planes ..

    1. Sweper
    2. Snacko


      Uploaded to the Vault Swep!!

    3. Sweper


      Downloaded and tested it with a couple of Dogz last night. Nice!

  13. Heading up North to Michigan this weekend to visit relatives and enjoy the fall colors.

  14. Uploaded my UP 3.0 MDS Missions to the Vault.. Get them while there hot!

  15. Haven't been able to fly because my pc keeps locking up. Having very strange behaviour I have yet to diagnose.. Both Dual boots lock up. One when it boots, the other only when I run UP3.. Arg... New Drivers; Image Restores; so far no luck.. maybe hardware?

  16. Hit my first deer Friday night. Bent my bumper in 2 inches, and I could not lock my hood closed. Had to rely on that hook safety catch for the 8hr drive home from the lake.

    1. Sweper


      Glad the damages stayed on the car. So now the fridge is filled up?

  17. can't believe it's been a whole year already since he burnt his fingers on fire crackers on the 4th of July. (Yes Whiskey was involved)

  18. wishes he could fly tonight, but UP 3.0 sucks...

  19. has formatted his HD and reinstalled everything and now UP 3.0 is being a big bitch...

  20. Wishing I could fly CoD, but Amazon won't ship me the darn thing...

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    2. Jediteo


      Yep, that's right snacko, they delayed the NA release untl the 24th of May. There huge patch should be out by then.

    3. Snacko


      This is news to me. It was supposed to be out the end of April. Then the first of May?.. Now postponed again...

    4. MadTrooper


      I'm in the same boat Snacko. I have pre-ordered it since 2 Feb 11 and I'm still waiting. It teached me a lesson. :) Never pre-order another sim or game.

  21. 5 more days till USA CloD! Should we be happy or sad?

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    2. Jediteo


      Don't worry, be happy.

    3. Shadrach


      Depends what makes you happy. I feel like Garfield in a lasagne shop.

    4. Snacko


      Those Amazon Bastages bumped the release date back to April 26!

  22. Just pre-ordered CoD from Amazon for $48 and free shipping. ;-)

    1. PropNut


      Excellent Snacko! I look forward to flying on your wing soon.

  23. 5" of Snow! Not much, but woohoo!!

  24. just baked a Pumpkin Maple Pecan Christmas cheesecake!

    1. MadTrooper


      Me want a piece :) It look excellent Snacko. The Snack Officer sure know how to bake :)

    2. Snacko


      It is very tasty when I put the Maple Cream and Pecan topping on it.

    3. Blairgowrie


      You will make some gal and great husband.

  25. Why don't they call it Global Cooling?