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  1. Salute to U all my dear friends.... Apart from flying with U all, I do enjoy the game Rainbow six las vegas 2 . Is there any of U friends out there that also likes this game?? If so U would like to play......??!!! Best to U all Campi
  2. Got Teamspeak up... So hope to see you there.......... Campi
  3. campi

    Fernando Llorente Oh Yes

    Here we go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3pb5oNczA8 Oh Yes
  4. Gonna be offline for a few hours..
  5. warming the engine, ready lift off at 1 minute warning....
  6. campi

    Salute All Dogz......

    I will be there.. wait for me Ok... Salute
  7. campi

    Salute All Dogz......

    I was looking to fly tonight.. friday night and all... But I need somebody that wants to shoot my ass down..... Is there anybody that is up for this tonight.. I can be on from about 21:30 swedish time..... Salute to U all Campi
  8. U know italians can´t spell:)
  9. And please pay attention to the flag displayed at 1:10
  10. campi

    A Day Of Flying

    Well they start at 04:30 to 09:00 and the afternoon shifts are 15-20... All overtime is free. no pay .. And during winter I go up at 02:20 ever night to make fire and keep the house warm for the little one.. But otherwise a treat yes absolutely I will........
  11. campi

    A Day Of Flying

    Salute all friends For a few years I have been with you and I pray for many many more years.. More then 30 years away, I already dream of the day that I could be flying all day long. But that is then, now is now.. And work and life is always seeming to get in between me and flight time:) So I would like to ask if there is anyone that have the time to fly at other times then the regular dogtimes??? I have a work that have a 3 week loop.. So starting today 23 january... My free days are thursday and friday... next week it is thuesday and wednesday and the week after that it´s monday, saturday and sunday... And then it starts all over again.. Those anyone have to fly with me on this days...... U can find me on skype as campitom and on steam as lawawarrior.. or just hear hope to hear from U.. May the wind carry us high.. May our strike be swift and hard... and our aim straight... yours Campi
  12. campi

    Salute Jim

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoqmSkwRH4g&feature=related U are SIr forever Missed...Forever