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  1. Looking for an X52 profile with the .pr0 extension that I can get started with. Please let me know if you would be willing to send one along.
  2. Got IL-2 uppdated but hsfx won't uppdate for me. Try installing the updater and it says i have a newer version of windows c++ 2010 somthing or other and stops. This is the constant crap involved with keeping this game up to date that drove me away for so long......
  3. That's 20 minutes drive from here. Never heard anything about it on the local news.
  4. Happy Birthday good fellow.
  5. Downloaded and installed over my clean version. Hope to try it out soon.
  6. Streak

    New Toy Mmm

    You may also consider a wired remote release too. As the wireless will not let you hold the shutter open for extended periods of time. This comes in handy when painting with light, underground or other dark locations, and many other situation where holding the shutter open for several seconds to several minutes without disturbing the camera is required.
  7. Pfff. I just slap another mag into the saiga12. Though I admit I really do love the old pump 16ga too. I'm still trying to decide which one to take turkey hunting this year.
  8. Streak

    New Toy

    Nice car mate. As BA says, those cars can really be tuned. The fastest I've ever driven was a bit over 160mph in the little woman's Camaro. Overbored and custom cammed 4 bolt main 350 and high geared rear end. Not a fast off the line car, but more top speed than is healthy. The motor still had some extra rpm left to go, but that's where fin angles ext. would need to be readjusted because we lost the vacuum underneath the car. It floated up and started to feel squirrely so we had to ease off and let the speed drop just a bit. Truly a scary feeling when that happens.
  9. Streak

    Hey Guys

    I throw clods....... Welcome!
  10. was not seeing the message or hearing the rpm changes. Jumped online with FT and the gang Saturday and it was working again.
  11. Never messed with that. Where do I go to check?
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