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  1. Who Here Has A Pit?

    S! Painless... I need more practice... hahaha ten years plus off the stick
  2. I Was Going To Start A Career

    FT, What are flight times on Sundays?
  3. I Was Going To Start A Career

    fIDDLE DEE DEE IT WORKS FOR ME FT that was the magic that link to enjoyRpatch.. thanks.. now practice practice and repeat.. When is there a regular flight>? or meeting??
  4. The upgrade junkyard/flea-market

    Anything new?
  5. How To Install Multiple Il2 1946

    S! FT I glanced at the post and did not go back after I got involved with changing things... I will try ti to night... I pick me lads up and then when they sleep I go to my flight chair Fritz
  6. How To Install Multiple Il2 1946

    S! Gents thank you for the replies,. here is the issue at hand I installed the virgin IL2 1946 on a fresh machine...( should have bought a pair of SSDs) on RAID I then came back to this site, heard about the latest HSFC and the quick way to install and was given FTs CHKMDS. When I ran it, the virgin is gone, and I have the HSFX... I went to start a pilots career, so as to practice for when I am to fly with DDs...and noticed that the career/missions descriptions are all in Russian.... I tried several methods to switch this language to EN...in the .cfg replace NGen and DGen and \mission files... but either it remains in russian or if in english i am not able to start a new pilot or even continue..( I hear a beep when trying to select either one) So I came here and posted.. When I put the 1946 CD in the drive, the "Install" option is grey... Crash, I have plenty of disk space, so should I uninstall my HSFX, reboot then install virgin 1946, then copy that to another directory, and then run HSFX on the copy, and then run CHKMDS on that? Thank you for your time Fritz
  7. S! Gents I used to be able to install several variants of IL2...I think the 352 or AAA had a way, but it appears as of those guys have gone away... Can anyone help? Thanks Fritz
  8. Who Here Has A Pit?

    Built this years ago before I was even at Joint Ops... I took it to a Joint Ops Convention in Dayton.. it fits in the back of a Dodge Dakota... with help from a friend The pedals are Linear actuators... found in a bin at work... great garbage pickins...combined with an USB interface board and a rotary encoder which emmits the rudder commands. Picked for about a year ... for the rest of the aluminium then got a hold of the HOTAS...snd got rid of that honkin 18" BrontoMonitor...now 23" LCD...would like to get 3 screens going.. but itll be a bit It sits in the enclosed porch... Sub Zero weather prohibits me from flying IL2 out there... no need to simulate that much..
  9. Heading And Air Speed

    Got it sorted... thanks all
  10. I Was Going To Start A Career

    ANother thought.... NGen.exe and DGen.exe... What if I were to do a virgin 1946 install and copy these files and the Mission folder as well as the NGen and Dgen folders..from that to the HSFX I have.... Is it the Nen and DGen which generate and populate the Missions Descriptions? I know ... its easier to make multiple installs for online, DD_Online and offline, and etc... I just can help fiddeling
  11. I Was Going To Start A Career

    S! Gents after lookingaround I found out that the core files for the HSFX mods are in Russian and that is why the OFFLINE CAREERS are in russian. I tried deleting the _ru and the result was english descriptions, but when you try to start the game would beep... and that was it.. So searchjing yielded this http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=34419.0 Rename files is the answer... I will try it later this week... too tired tonight... still digging out cars in Chicago
  12. I Was Going To Start A Career

    i do not see the campaign folder
  13. I Had An Utility...

    I do not have an IL2.exe copy paste renamed IL2FB.exe to IL2EXE, and then pasted back to IL2 directory... nio joy... still greyed out "Apply" FT, with modding my IL2 with the HSFX as I did , did I delete/remove the IL2.exe? I am not sure I understand your sentence (And, for sure, that's not the case after using ChkMods.) Thank you for the patience Fritz
  14. Heading And Air Speed

    Were there.. now only the heading is in the lower left hand corner of the screen in cockpit... Only thing I have done is apply the IL2 Shturmovic ... which doesnt let me hit apply... I am running in 1920 x 1080 x 32 Is it possible I set a parameter somehow?
  15. I Had An Utility...

    installled...I can open itbut the "Apply" button is greyed out... perhaps this doesnt work with W7 64 bit?