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  1. Glen

    Windows 7 64 Bit

    Hi, have been away from IL2 for a while now and since I last installed, I've upgraded the pc to Windows 7 64 bit. Having a bit of a problem installing 4.08 as when I install it, it doesn't show up on the startup screen. I probable need my hand holding a bit, lol. Would appreciate any help in setting up as I'd like to get back with the lads. Kind regards, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Fotoflyer
  2. Glen

    Running 64-bit Vista

    Fixed! See you all later on, I hope. Just need to get teamspeak setup and connect to the server. Foto
  3. Glen

    Running 64-bit Vista

    Got a glitch.
  4. Glen

    Running 64-bit Vista

    Spot on advice as usual. Am now running IL2 again! Will be online tomorrow night. Don't be afraid though, I never was much good! See you all soon! Foto
  5. Glen

    Running 64-bit Vista

    Thanks for the info m8s.
  6. Glen

    Running 64-bit Vista

    I'm running Vista 64-bit and was wondering if anyone else is.
  7. Glen

    Fotoflyer in motor cycle accident

    Thanks for that, you've just made my mind up. The bike is going, as is all my gear so I never buy another. Foto
  8. Glen

    Fotoflyer in motor cycle accident

    Hi all, the details: Had just come out of a junction and a driver (you can guess the sex if you like) who was parked in a lay-by and facing in the same direction as I was travelling, decided to perform a U-turn just as I was arriving. I had one of two choices; either run into her or try to avoid her (Ooops! did I say it was a woman?).
  9. I recently had to reformat my hard drive and of course lost all my settings for controls, pilot ID, campaign progress etc. Does anyone know in which file these are held so that if it happens again, I can set my IL2 system back to how it was? Foto
  10. Glen

    Is it the 46 DVD?

    If that was for me, yes, that's the one I have. Foto