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  1. WTF? How the hell could it do that? Better get that update installed then.
  2. Sweet! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1541863419463695/
  3. It is a cracking little game. I'm just waiting for the Royal Navy to get released, then the Kriegsmarine. Screw all this USSR and Asian crap.
  4. Hoo-rah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VShCXzhUbQ
  5. I'm gonna back into this. As good looking as DCS can be, the lack of a dynamic campaign is a huge letdown. Started re-training last night, got ILS landings in bad weather sorted out, no onto weapon systems.
  6. Well you deserve a medal if you're first landing ever in a wocka-wocka looks like that! Mine and everyone else's involved several component parts strewn around the area. But WHY THE HELL did you pick the Mi-8 over the Huey? I have both and the Hip is a giant, lumbering, sloth-like beast to fly compared to the Huey.
  7. Yeah I saw this news, and was surprised they're still working on it.
  8. Prettly slick Snacko, I'd love to have that. I assume it has twist throttle grip too?
  9. Oh wow, that did sound like a great mission. I see 6 guys from that Huey squadron I used to fly with taking part too. I wonder if there's someway to get a hold of that mission to try it out myself? DOH! It's at the bottom of the first post.
  10. You guys in the know, what is this? http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,44975.0.html
  11. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=140017 Very interesting, another one to add to the list to buy.
  12. Okay, I upgraded all these components at the weekend and it works like a dream. Set all the graphic options, in all my games, to max and they all run smooth (I love that part of upgrading). Not tried a flight sim yet, but Planetside2 never moved from <60FPS in huge battles and looks divine! But... I have a question for all you SLI/multi-card experts. I wanted to keep using my old GTX275 as a PhsyX engine. But when I installed Win 7 x64, with both cards fitted, it didn't recognize the GTX970 and installation of the nVidia drivers failed everytime. Pulling out the older GTX275 and rebooting worked, and nVidia drivers installed perfectly. Re-fitting the GTX275 and booting up caused a B.O.S. So in the end I gave up and left it out. Now, I'm thinking maybe it was because I left an SLI/CFX motherboard jumper set on default? It has 3 settings: disabled, 2-Way, or 3-Way. I'm wondering if I need to switch this to 2-way first, even though I'm not using SLI, I'm just using 2x independent graphic cards. With the GTX970 connected to the monitors and the GTX275 left alone to PhysX only. Anyone have experience in this?
  13. @ Pooka - Thanks for that link, that was almost useful, but it seems out of date. It didn't have my motherboard, graphics card, or RAM type listed. But I found this instead -> http://www.coolermaster.outervision.com/PSUEngine2 @ FT & JABO - I've got the money, so buying an i7 is fine by me. I already have an i3, so an i5 isn't much of an upgrade to me. I hoping in 3 years time, the games will make better use of hyperthreading. @ CaptJackG - I was going to get a 980 card, but I stuck with one 970 card and I might end up buying a second 970 in a few months. Good to hear yours runs fine, that PSU calculator says those items I'm buying plus the HDDs & other gubbins comes in at only 427W. So my 750W PSU looks good enough, so far.
  14. With a nice tax rebate and the usual double monthly income for December over here, it's time for me to splash the cash on my PC. I'm looking at keeping my chassis, HDDs & SSDs, and PSU, so could anyone see anything on this list and say "DON'T GET ITEM X"? Motherboard = Asus X99-S CPU = Intel Core i7-5820K, 6x 3.30GHz Graphics Card = GALAX GeForce GTX 970 EXOC, 4GB GDDR5, 2x DVI, HDMI RAM = Kingston HyperX Predator DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR4-2133, CL13-13-13 When the graphics card gets cheaper, I'll buy a 2nd one for SLI. In the meantime, I'll try and use my current GTX275 as a PhysX engine. Anyone know for sure if my 750W Corsair PSU could handle all this? Might have to go to a 1000W PSU?
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