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  1. erco


    Lol- glad you're having fun! I've found the airsoft folks to be (generally) top-notch folks. Being kitted out correctly is the way to go. You're right, BA, great tactical simulation PLUS exercise. Playing soldier is great fun when nobody has to get buried.
  2. Where are you looking for work? I know an outfit (or two) that might need a 45 guy. In the last few weeks I've had clients from Malawi and Morocco. The guys from Malawi thought their lot pretty good, living like kings, after a fashion, they said. From what I've heard, Morroco isn't bad. I've friends working 1900 and 350 contracts in Afghanistan, and they don't seem to mind it. Though the night life is lacking. As for the ORIGINAL post... Sales broker can be a lucrative line of work. Most are paid on commission, and the ones I've known have done well. Of course, aviation is the
  3. erco


    That's some wishlist- nice gear! I hear you on the knee protection! I'll be a mighty sore dude tomorrow night! Where in MI are you? I used to live in da UP, at the old KI Sawyer base.
  4. erco


    Until I can buy a REAL Thompson, then this one will do just fine. No FFL issues, cheap ammo, and I can use it in a somewhat prototypical fashion. Heck, the most expensive airsoft gun I'm aware of is a replica BAR, and it's only $1200 or so. If I had a REAL Tommygun I'd likely only get to fire it 2-3 times a year. I'm going tomorrow, maybe I'll get some vids to post. On an somewhat unrelated note, my airsoft gun is a heck of a non-lethal weapon for home defense. You will NOT advance through the hail of BBs this thing can fling at your face (or other soft parts). Unless, of course, you h
  5. erco


    Definitely go for it! Most airsoft outfits have guns for rent, so you can try things out before you start spending money. Two suggestions for when you do: Use the full-face mask, and wear somewhat thickish gloves. You'll thank me later.
  6. erco


    The M1A1 can be had for $140 at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Thompson-M1A1-Full-Metal-Body-airsoft/dp/B001B4QVMA/ref=sr_1_sc_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1329166104&sr=8-2-spell The battery life is quite good with the stock battery.
  7. erco


    My son and I both have Cybergun Thompsons- in the video below is his M1A1, and I have the Chicago Typewriter. Both function very well, and are nearly all metal, though the stocks are plastic. They shoot 300FPS plus, have adjustable hop-ups, and are very accurate.
  8. ~S~ Cap'n Jack, great post! (btw, I saw the Dreamlifter in Wichita the other day) One of my continuing gripes is that we all profess to 'train like we fly, and fly like we train', and then concoct training scenarios that are good, primarily, for checking the boxes on the syllabus. The FAA doesn't help, seeming to subscribe to the philosophy that adding ever more one-size-fits-all training events is the way to safety, all the while ignoring that the more events they add, the more our training events become check the box exercises. Every so often you'll run across an instructor, like you, Ja
  9. Madfish, please don't construe the following as any sort of personal attack, but it's clear that your understanding of commercial aircraft operations is rudimentary. The following is only meant to increase your understanding of the many factors at play, all of which contributed to the accident. "First of all the crew ignored basic training by not checking the weather and planing ahead" This is incorrect. An airline flight is planned by a team, which includes licensed dispatchers, meterologists, and others, who generate a release that contains the flight plan, NOTAMs, fuel planning and a we
  10. Pilot error? Certainly, but there's so much more to it than that. From defective pitot tubes, (a known issue that Airbus decided didn't merit a mandatory fleet grounding for replacement, choosing instead to replace them as each aircraft came in for inspection) to design philosophy (where the pilot is a technician, an equipment operator; where an engineer is believed to be able to anticipate EVERY eventuality) to a training philosophy that believes training can substitute for experience. To lay this solely at the feet of the crew ignores so much- but it is an ignorance that benefits Airbus,
  11. I still think Tom Bombadil got a raw deal in the LOTR films.
  12. erco

    Salute To Bg

    BG, you've done a great job with so much in your life, this squadron is just another example of your talents applied. I won't be able to drop by later on TS, nor make the trip in person, but I want you to know that this world has surely been better because of you. You've built up everything that you've touched, but most importantly, you've built up everyONE that you've touched. That's the mark you've made, your legacy, and that's pretty special. Thank you for making my life a little better, a little happier. There's one other thing- I used to needle you about being senile, a joke of course
  13. Here's a little ditty that pretty much covers the corporate pilot's life:
  14. A shame I've missed this discussion, for now all I'll add is that our garden tripled in size this year, and will triple again next year. That, and not only have gun and ammunition sales gone through the roof, but sales of reloading equipment have as well, that's the real kicker!
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