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  1. DD_Bucky

    Happy Birthday Jason Perk

    Me and JP last summer...
  2. DD_Bucky

    Olymipc Flame arrived today

    Guys, The flame showed up today in my hometown.I worked traffic control for the 4 hr event.There were alot of people,and a huge stage with music/performers and stuff...I'll post pics soon. I'd like to express my Canadian pride by showing this video....it's a few years old but it's my country and my province that is
  3. DD_Bucky

    Standard Life TV Commercials

    Wait.....there's more.... sorry guys,...I could go on and on...lol.
  4. DD_Bucky

    Standard Life TV Commercials

    More hijacking spirit....."I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack".....
  5. DD_Bucky

    Avatar - THE movie

    Get back here,Troop! ...just a small misunderstanding,I'm sure.
  6. DD_Bucky

    Standard Life TV Commercials

    I've seen them both,BG.Thanks for that....and in the spirit of hijacking this thread,here's the newest A&W commercial.....my personal favourite......now
  7. DD_Bucky

    Avatar - THE movie

    Seen it.....storyline was unoriginal,and predictable.......visuals were great but got tiresome after awile....I need more than great visuals to hold my interest....I actually walked out after 2 hrs,I started to get a little bored with it. I suppose if I was 10 yrs old I would've loved it,..like I did with the first Star Wars.
  8. DD_Bucky

    Drunk guy steals plane....

    I've seen this type of thing before at airshows.Wonderfully entertaing,and a great showcase of pilot skill.....not unlike my style of flying during JO BFS training....or flying with the DDz,....or just plain IL2 stuff in general... Thankz for sharing,BG.
  9. DD_Bucky

    P-51D 20NA Support Our Troops Skin

    Thanks Troop.
  10. DD_Bucky

    Welcome to the Canadian Navy's Centennial Year!

    Thanks Troop, I'm familiar with Hampton Gray's story.He was born in my hometown of Trail,and then moved to Nelson which is about an hour N. of here.
  11. DD_Bucky

    Thinking about changing flight controller

    Hmm... The same old question.Saitek or CH.I think they're like Ford or Chevy.I personally like the Saitek,which I've had for 3 yrs now.Lots of buttons for programming,and quite comfortable even after hrs of flying.I'd buy another one in a minute. btw,I've always driven a Ford too...go figure.
  12. DD_Bucky

    Just painted my old garage door....SO WHAT ?

    ~S~ Painless, That looks great.Nice costume too.
  13. DD_Bucky

    Release of Lockerbie bomber

    LOL, Enforcer! That's just wrong...... .......Ruh Roh,....here Russy,russy!
  14. DD_Bucky

    BadAim's new toy

    Well done,B.A.,...I shot my dad's hunting rifle once when I was 14.........I missed the deer.
  15. DD_Bucky

    BadAim's new toy

    Well done,B.A.,...I shot my dad's hunting rifle once when I was 14.........I missed the deer.