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  1. Hey guys,I'm still here lol still having problems getting my mic to work properly,.....but you'll be pleased to know I've purchaqsed Battle of Stalingrad and just 'cause,IL2 Ultimate Edition.... I got them off of Amazon,...and they came from the UK lol....apparently they weren't available in North America.. whats up with that? lol ~S~
  2. Well guys havin a real heck of a time here....I don't understand it,Ive done this before,.... just been a really long time. I've googled the heck out of this issue....maybe I need to use a usb headset.Never setup the mic on this computer.Got a friend coming over to see if he can help me lol. Anyways,I'm still here,..and when U see my light come on in TS,..I can hear you guys....I'll use 1 flash for yes...2 flashes for no lol\
  3. I got the push to talk working fine....its the hook up to the pc I'm having issues with.I have a 3.5mm jack type mic headset.Maybe I should get a usb type headset....
  4. Ugh....havin a heck of a time getting my mike/headset to work properly.The guys on TS only hear static and hum when I try to talk. I'm stumped right now,...googled it and jus can't get it right.Frustrated I am lol
  5. Ok,.....how come I don't see the "Settings" field to setup the "Push to talk" feature???I've downloaded TeamSpeak version 3.3.2.......is mine broken?? lol Nevermind,.....found it in the "Tools" tab.lol
  6. oh ok....I just remember being able to see who was on TS,and what channel etc....when ingame.
  7. Ok great,thanks a lot guys...Ive now got the DDz public,and private servers working on TS. Now to order a mic from amazon lol I guess I should've sownloaded the overlay as well
  8. thanks Crash...looks like I need the password to login to our DD server
  9. DD_Bucky


    getting back into the game....been awhile,what version of teamspeak is being used nowadays?
  10. Hey thanks guys...seems I have to do a bit of homework to catchup whith the times lol...
  11. Wow,...can't believe how much I've forgotten...working on installing IL246 on my rig with Window7 and a widescreen monitor lol
  12. Hey guys, Been away for a few years,....it's time to "Get one up!" I remember some of you,do you remember me? lol ~S~
  13. Guys, The flame showed up today in my hometown.I worked traffic control for the 4 hr event.There were alot of people,and a huge stage with music/performers and stuff...I'll post pics soon. I'd like to express my Canadian pride by showing this video....it's a few years old but it's my country and my province that is
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