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  1. Fireman

    Flaming Cliffs 2

    I have falcon...it was my first online flight sim (was a member of the freebirds before all the modding got crazy) I am learning fC1 but figured I might as well learn with FC2 since my machine will run it... how did u end up with a spare copy crash? I had hoped thier official site would have a downloadable (it does, it just doesnt seem to work...i cant add it to the shopping cart)
  2. Fireman

    Flaming Cliffs 2

    i dont have a pc capable of running FC 3 or the DCS series, but i have been trying to locate a copy (either boxed or downloadable) of FC 2. Cant seem to find one anywhere. Anyone know where I might find one?
  3. Fireman

    Lockon Flaming Cliffs 2.0 Was Released Today!

    I have flaming cliffs 1.2 (do not have any of the other add ons tho....rig cant run it apparently)... i fly the su25t mostly (well I try to fly it....lol)
  4. Fireman

    Pretty Neat Vid

    I actually saw this on an IMAX screen a few years back
  5. tried downloading the maga patch twice...errors in the .rar. file both times.... can i get it anywhere else?
  6. Fireman

    Laptop For My Kids

    no takers? lol
  7. Fireman

    Laptop For My Kids

    Futureshop.ca What r the playbooks? Actual laptops (pc's) were what i was considering.
  8. Fireman

    Laptop For My Kids

    Was thinking of getting my girls a laptop each for xmas...futureshop in canada has a few cheapies in the 300dollar rAnge...any suggestions as to what i shud or shud not look at wud be appreciated...400each is kinda my ceiling unless i buy just one and let them fight over it...thx guys
  9. Fireman

    Iphones And Icloud?

    awesome...didnt want to have to install win7...if iclouds is optional i already use itunes so perfect
  10. Fireman

    Iphones And Icloud?

    was thinking of upgrading my 3 year old cell phone and going for the new iphone 4s....only problem i can forsee is that it uses someting called icloud instead of itunes...no biggie except that icloud is required to run on vista or windows7 (i am using XP pro and was planning on using it for a while now as it has never given me any real grief).. suggestions? not even sure if my current system wud run a win7 platform (pentium dual-core E5200 @ 2.5GHz with 4 gigs of ram (which system says is actually 3.25)) HDD= 81gigs free on main partition(C:) and 350gigs from on 2nd partition(D:)
  11. Fireman

    Final Up Due In 2-3 Weeks.

    fuck...another patch...getting tired of this
  12. Fireman

    Fen Goin Radio Silent...

    poor planning fen....lol
  13. Fireman

    Joystick Mapping

    make sure when u program the controls into the stick (i am assuming an x45 or52) that u enable the profile u created before u start up the sim.
  14. Fireman

    Roll Call!

    booo...ive only got Flaming Cliff 1.0
  15. Fireman

    Warthog Returns!

    sucked back in....poor snacko