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  1. Having fun on HL

    We need a weekend HL get together, morning hours in North America (shudder). Pure turning joy last night, I'm pretty sure I never hit 500m or got over 300kmh on the Tigers map and, bless my soul, I lost count of the number of times guys who know better tried to turn and come back in their Hawks.
  2. Back from the Yucatan!! Wish I wasn't

    Wow, good for you man!
  3. Slideshow/stuttering on HL?

    Everyone seems to have some JRJacobs coops and it seems that many if not all of them are them are quite overdone for my rig (3.38 ghz, X800xl). Hop on HL and test a few servers to make sure you're not having problems there.
  4. Bombing night

    Let's use Shadow's TS to get together. Tim was talking about motherboards this morning.
  5. Bombing night

    Given the spread in time between Belgium and the Pacific Ocean I suppose this will always be a revolving door affair.
  6. Bombing night

    Enjoy that trip VT!!
  7. Bombing night

    Do we who drive bombers want to specify a night to try to get organized? Monday?
  8. Great fun and a proposal....

    Last night was the most fun I've ever had with the game, easily. What we didn't get to do, and what a bummer, was fly up high and drop bombs in formation....Some of the maps encourage this. Next time! At one point we had BBloke, Drinksky, Palava, Sged, VT, myself and FA_Hat in reasonably tight formation thundering in towards the carrriers at 30m with a furball traveling along over our heads as fighters slashed from every direction.
  9. Blocking and Tackling

    The 110 with the super-duper cannon pack takes care of the front blind spot so nicely!
  10. Blocking and Tackling

    Shadow, VT, Painless and myself had a ball last night on BG's dogfight server. Shadow and VT very successfully fought off Painless and I riding an He-111 and a 110G2! Fine airmanship!! S!
  11. Hop on Shadow's TS Sged and let's see if I can help.
  12. New X52 problems

    Some people never see conf file corruption and some people see it more than once a year.
  13. Bomb blast radius

    Wow, that's what I wanted to know.
  14. Bomb blast radius

    Does anyone know if the simulated radius of a bomb blast is known for each bomb we've got?