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  1. I will take you up on it. I have the beta from the testing. but if you can send the box it would be better my ISP started regulating my data rate Cuda
  2. I bought me a new toy an android touch pad. I know the android is open source but would anyone know a good tutorial on it? I would like to costumise the pad as mush as I can but I don't have a clue... android for dummy's thanks
  3. I am looking for a hard drive I can connect to my WIFI to back up the laptops . We have portable hard drives (usb) but never remember to plug in and back up. . must be Ethernet as the router only has Ethernet connection got any suggestions? Cuda
  4. I went over my monthly allotment of data anyone have a good free monitor software that will give me daily report on amount of data dl. in windows 7 I know there is a performance tool in window but I can't figure out how to read it
  5. your not a real digger until you get it stuck for the 50th time
  6. I just use windows live movie maker simple to use just add your pics in the order you want and music if you wish and then save as or burn a dvd. like this (see attachment)
  7. great so I dl all the up 2.0n (14 +exe) into a folder then hit the exe to install?
  8. ok I'm behind I went to the link to down load all (what 7 parts) of the UP2 patchs and the link I have says I don't have the clearance to dl. anyone have the link to 2.0 so I can get back to flying with the HH
  9. hey it was 9.30 they need to be woken up!!!
  10. Rattler the sport comes out of the Cavalry, up to the 1960 it was called the military test and you had to be a member of the service to compete in the Olympics
  11. so we move up a level in competition this weekend. so thought I would share 2 pictures the lovely lady on the "bus" is my wife Sherri who is 5' 7" tall
  12. one of my friends saw one in Indiana last year he is still mad he did not have a camera with him
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