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  1. Was able to log on and fly with no apparent issues, thanks. DT
  2. Ok, sounds good. I have a family event this afternoon, but I will check back later if I get home in time. From what I can see, everything looks good. I will give Psycho a stern talking to. DT
  3. Thanks! Okay, got it, and I have (apparent) success! Loaded up with the 6.0.17 splash screen and was able to start a quick mission. Very glad to see some of my favorite mod planes are in this set-up. Is there a current server running the HSFX I could test internet connection on? DT
  4. I think this is where I ran into trouble: "Current modded game version - HSFX 6 - Link to our mods folder. Which files from that link do I have to download and install before installing the Hot Fix and running the Auto-Updater?
  5. Hey, M8s, I might be able to join in for the map test tomorrow so I have been updating my game. I followed the instructions* and everything went well (I kept launching the game at each step to make sure it functioned) until I auto-updated and tried to launch. I see the correct splash screen, it loads to 5%, then crashes to desktop. Any suggestions? *I am almost certain I started with a clean install, because I always left one on my PC in order to update to new patches more easily. I will try doing it all again clean if all else fails but thought I would ask if there was maybe something that was the issue. Doubletap **Hold on. I installed the auto-updater, but did not actually run it. Ah---Duh. We'll see what happens when it is done. Will do a true clean install if it does not work.
  6. DoubleTap


    I just wish the cigars had been better. Should have brought some...
  7. DoubleTap

    Duxford 2007

    Photos Taken During the Dogz First(?) Meeting at Duxford 2007. Of particular note is the presence of our Patriarch Blairgowrie. I some of the photos, but looking through them a good number were also taken by fellow DD's. The high-quality shots were likely taken by Roger or BG.
  8. DoubleTap

    The Hobbit Movie

    Peter Jackson rules. George Lucas can suck it. The actor who plays young Bilbo is the same actor who played Tim in The Office, right? Looks like him, and if so, good choice. DT
  9. DoubleTap

    My Latest Obsession...or My Resurrected Obession.

    My friends were into it, and I had the basic set. I liked it because it was a very visual game and not overly complex allowing you to actually get a battle done in a reasonable amount of time. I would have liked to have played it more but it is my experience that among my group, the games I am interested everyone loses interest. DT
  10. DoubleTap

    Oh Man...is His True, You Uk'ers?

    "the charge was reduced to the lesser charge of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility, to which the shitbag pleaded guilty. I guess the diminished responsibility relates to being a murderous mental religious nut job." The American comedian Dennis Miller had a bit about that along the lines of: "Oh you're not guilty because you are insane, huh? Well, great. Then I want to see you sitting in a jail cell cackling away like Woody Woodpecker for the rest of your life." "The eminent young neurosurgeon who operated on me a couple of years ago is a practising Muslim. I can confidently say that he has all the qualities that place a person head and shoulders above the baying mob as typified by the blogger that JP unfortunately stumbled upon." A big part of the problem is that the political correctness and bowing down to the altar of multiculturalism ignores everything that does not jibe with the narrative of poor persecuted minority. In the US, when people were protesting the building of the Ground Zero Mosque they were labeled anti-Muslim bigots or reactionaries besides the fact there were Muslims in the US and Canada ALSO speaking out against it, warning it WAS a big FU from the radicals. Some of these people lived in countries where radicals ran the show, and they know how they operate. They, of course, are ignored because it does not fit the narrative of the radicals only being radicals because they are so badly treated. Let's face it, it is part of a larger problem where certain people sympathize with the perpetrators of crimes rather than the victims. DT
  11. DoubleTap


    I don't get it...Why didn't he eject and then hit refly? DT
  12. DoubleTap

    Rc4 Crash Problem

    Painless, No expert am I, but what is Bojan trying to run it on? A XP machine, Vista, or MS7? I had the problem with it crashing to desktop on my wife's laptop (MS7) , and I screwed around with various settings from the RAM setting on RC4 start-up screen to fiddling with the compatibility modes. Eventually I got it to work in a stable enough fashion to do FMB, play tracks and run tests of missions. I can't, however, explain to you WHY that worked. I hope he is able to figure it out. If I come across something I will let you know. DT
  13. DoubleTap

    Sexism Ad?

    Guys, I can't swear its the same link (although it seems like the same video), but the last time this was posted, I remember some sort of malware/virus issue. Be wary. DT
  14. DoubleTap

    Please Help: Converting Movies To View On Apple

    Try something called MPEG stream clip for the MAC. http://www.squared5.com/ We use it at work, and it's fairly easy to use. It might still take a while because converting a two hour movie in high quality video is a lot of processing. It does have it's limits. Last time I tried to convert FRAPS video with it to MOV files, there was a CODEC issue that forced me to use something else. DT
  15. DoubleTap


    I'll have a wee bit of scotch tonight in yer honor, M8! Rest in Peace