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  1. Was able to log on and fly with no apparent issues, thanks. DT
  2. Ok, sounds good. I have a family event this afternoon, but I will check back later if I get home in time. From what I can see, everything looks good. I will give Psycho a stern talking to. DT
  3. Thanks! Okay, got it, and I have (apparent) success! Loaded up with the 6.0.17 splash screen and was able to start a quick mission. Very glad to see some of my favorite mod planes are in this set-up. Is there a current server running the HSFX I could test internet connection on? DT
  4. I think this is where I ran into trouble: "Current modded game version - HSFX 6 - Link to our mods folder. Which files from that link do I have to download and install before installing the Hot Fix and running the Auto-Updater?
  5. Hey, M8s, I might be able to join in for the map test tomorrow so I have been updating my game. I followed the instructions* and everything went well (I kept launching the game at each step to make sure it functioned) until I auto-updated and tried to launch. I see the correct splash screen, it loads to 5%, then crashes to desktop. Any suggestions? *I am almost certain I started with a clean install, because I always left one on my PC in order to update to new patches more easily. I will try doing it all again clean if all else fails but thought I would ask if there was maybe something that was the issue. Doubletap **Hold on. I installed the auto-updater, but did not actually run it. Ah---Duh. We'll see what happens when it is done. Will do a true clean install if it does not work.
  6. The-goodthe-bad-and-the.jpg

    I just wish the cigars had been better. Should have brought some...
  7. Duxford 2007

    Photos Taken During the Dogz First(?) Meeting at Duxford 2007. Of particular note is the presence of our Patriarch Blairgowrie. I some of the photos, but looking through them a good number were also taken by fellow DD's. The high-quality shots were likely taken by Roger or BG.
  8. Uther.jpg

    From the album Duxford 2007

  9. thumbsup.jpg

    From the album Duxford 2007

  10. sallyb.jpg

    From the album Duxford 2007

  11. raf.jpg

    From the album Duxford 2007

  12. polishspit.jpg

    From the album Duxford 2007

  13. P7070088.jpg

    From the album Duxford 2007

  14. P7070019.jpg

    From the album Duxford 2007