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  1. What's a "Sid"? sounds sketchy
  2. oh, and grab them all? Bodenplatte, etc? there's several listed. do these update the "old" il21946? or is there a separate game d/l I need to buy as well? sorry - been gone too long eh?
  3. so premium version...got it. still on TS? if someone has a good profile for an X52, please share as well... i've a shitload of travel coming up starting tomorrow, but back home mid-Jan so will get back in the air then. for a blast from the past, Cold_Gambler and I met up in Ottawa a few years back. had some beers. he's doing well. look forward to chatting. Rarely has a month gone by that I haven't thought of you guys. Mind you, usually while googling "porn hub" and "sheep" together...but still
  4. hello gentlemen and sheep-lovers...(ok, just sheep lovers here I know...I was trying to be polite) finally managed to get a new freaking computer and a bit more time on my hands so promise I'll be returning soon if you're still flying. and if you are - kindly direct me to the latest release etc. Hope you guys are all great and doing well. Even Painless.
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