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  1. Happy Birthday Kelly ;) 

  2. Happy Birthday Kelly !! :) 


  3. thanks guys...was fun. twenty seconds, sheep, Painless' awkward advances, nonsensical violent threats...just like old times. was great to see so many familiar names. and familiar unintelligible accents. off for work tomorrow for a week , but should be able to join next Sunday. will have bodenplate by then. maybe consider airstarts for just the Sunday till i can get game better figured. look forward.
  4. Delta...thanks. how do I bind a key to the X52. For example, in my trackir, i have F12 keyed that 'centers' the view. used to have that on the x45 and found it invaluable. thanks again.
  5. yeah...it's taking more than I thought. Part is adjusting to the x52 as well from the old x45. many of the knobs/dials don't seem to actually work...than you add in mode 1/2/3 shit as well. ugh.
  6. uhh...then let me off this ride. lol
  7. cool...seems to have worked. thanks.
  8. k. doing now. will advise. thanks
  9. we're metric, so it's something like 6423.218 here or you're 7 hours ahead. I've got to run look at some stuff (new car) and other stuff so I'll join you chaps on TS maybe around 9pm your time.
  10. when's flying times again? (I can hear Jabo roll his eyes from across the pond cause he's only told me 20 times) i have a bunch of spare time Saturday so going to try to get game going. and it's -20 here so i'm avoiding going out TrackIR and pedals are working. finally got stick working for yaw/pitch/roll. have to figure out the other 300 keys now.
  11. cool...thanks Dave. appreciate it.u
  12. wow guys...the new game's going to tax my puny little brain. Delta - you shared your X52 settings. Can i copy/paste the ddbox.pro file in the game itself to bind the keys? there are of course like a 100% more than in the old il2 to tackle. how best to make use of the excel file as well? thanks guys...and bear with me please.
  13. What's a "Sid"? sounds sketchy
  14. oh, and grab them all? Bodenplatte, etc? there's several listed. do these update the "old" il21946? or is there a separate game d/l I need to buy as well? sorry - been gone too long eh?
  15. so premium version...got it. still on TS? if someone has a good profile for an X52, please share as well... i've a shitload of travel coming up starting tomorrow, but back home mid-Jan so will get back in the air then. for a blast from the past, Cold_Gambler and I met up in Ottawa a few years back. had some beers. he's doing well. look forward to chatting. Rarely has a month gone by that I haven't thought of you guys. Mind you, usually while googling "porn hub" and "sheep" together...but still
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