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  1. JensenPark

    Flying Legends 2017 Show News

    I'm now in Israel that week...but will be in London July 24 for a couple days. Then off to Poland and back July 29 in London for 3 days. any chance any of you are around?
  2. JensenPark

    hello fine gentlemen

    Gec, sounds like something Mic would say
  3. JensenPark

    hello fine gentlemen

    Hey gang. Hope you're all well. Still thinking of you all. Especially Painless. Sweet, sweet tender Painless. Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and let you know I met up with Cold_Gambler a couple weeks back in Ottawa. Angus is doing well and says to say hi. Like me, he wants to get back to flying one day...but like me, talks mores than does. Creepily, he hasn't aged a day since I last saw him - years back when I stopped through Toronto to see BG in his forest mansion hideway. I suspect he is part of some cult that drinks the blood of virgins to stay young our something. He wasn't happy when I stabbed with with a sharpened crucifix. I might have been over reacting. Planning on being out there for Duxford. Bringing Jensen (of Jensnpark fame) out to celebrate his high school grad. He was just 4 when I first stumbled upon BG and Angus way way back. time flies I tell you. Will make sure I drop in more often.
  4. JensenPark

    Flying Legends 2017 Show News

    hey chaps... yes, still alive. Coming out this year with Jensen (now 18...ugh. Old...feel so old). anyway, where y'all staying? we'll be in London for a few days in advance gooning around.
  5. JensenPark

    Ddz Forum 10Th Birthday!

    I assume the nightmare is that if he's ONLY wearing a beret and a stripey shirt. lol Well, wearing more than just a beret is a step up for Mick.
  6. JensenPark

    Ddz Forum 10Th Birthday!

    Yes...will be lovely to get reacquainted with you lovely gents. Malta will be fun. In meetings for most of it but am hoping to get to some of the war sites... Any chance anyone might be around London on March 12? I need a ride from the airport to downtown please. (I fear making this public. I have nightmares of Mick at the airport in a beret and a horizontal white/black striped shirt yelling at the top of his lungs "Monseiur Kelly! Monseiur Kelly! Over here! " )
  7. JensenPark

    Ddz Forum 10Th Birthday!

    yes...London UK I get into Heathrow at 9:35am and think I have much of day one free. Then meetings and meetings and more meetings. Not sure where staying yet but will keep you all informed. Will also come out for Duxford this year with my oldest, Jensen. racking up the miles with the new job. 20k miles just in January. yay (sarcastic 'yay')
  8. JensenPark

    Ddz Forum 10Th Birthday!

    wow...amazing. I still remember my first words on line to you guys: "hurry up and press ready you dumb son of a b...." And to celebrate, I've decided to go to London in mid-March March 12 for 3 days, then off to Malta for 3 days. time will be limited - but will any of you clowns be around? (London that is...I don't expect to see you in Malta)
  9. JensenPark

    Just Sharing

    meh...Colorado guy. He's growing pot no doubt.
  10. ha...you out of touch accross-the-ponders. Rog moved to St Louis to be at the home office. Geez, I've been away like 8 years and am more in touch than you guys. (did you hear the other news...Princess Di died...) Sorry...have alot of 'being an asshole' to catch up on.
  11. Bucky's been out to visit me a few times... ahem...more than I can say for you lot. Thought I spoke to Roger this week. Heard he's moved to St Louis.
  12. ok...finally. Up to 7.02 what a fucking pain. I hope you lot are worth it. Now...who can send me a x52 profile (please) Oh, and a Track IR profile...
  13. JensenPark

    Back...please Forgive My Long Absence

    uhh...what version are we on now? did a patch then the 242 torrent patch over a clean 4.11 and got 'er all the way to 7.0 CheckModz takes it no further (no fuhrer?) I didn't run 'check for issues' as I have none, though I know Painless has his share (mismatched bra and panties being one). And it said it would delete any mods in the folder. Am I there or still missing something? x52 showed up...so will practice a bit Oh, and please of you kind folks send me a good x52 profile...that that will make me dance good and fly well.
  14. JensenPark

    Back...please Forgive My Long Absence

    my brand new x52 showed up today...but need FT's help as the game keeps crashing at 5%