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  1. Granted. But as a Chihuahua, you are molested 3 times a day by the horny Pit Bull that lives next door. I wish I didn't have to work for a living
  2. Nice stuff Carl. You do good work mate. And well laid out too. Looks like a good day.
  3. Really? What did they end up painting it as?
  4. Me too JP. But these things are a lot shorter. I wish the museum would move the A-26 back inside. Mind you, being outside does allow one to lick it.
  5. Yeah, this game is cool. I think the Ju88 props do the same thing.
  6. Here are some more pics - some show the early prototypes of which Udet set a speed record in. Later Hans Dieterle set the absolute speed record of 746kph in 1939 - in the 8th prototype. The museum shot is actually a replica buit from scratch (from original plans) and donated by a fellow wtih the strangely familiar name of George Lucas (no relation) - he did some others too a 109, 163 and a Natter - And he then donated them to the Chino museum. The night figher pic (indeed the first 3 below) was a propaganda pic and was identified as a He113. The world believed the propaganda and a number of He
  7. Excellent. I have seen the site and it's quite good. Your poster is better though.
  8. Beautiful aircraft with an interesting history. Beebop skinned a Tony for me to look like one for an aborted Heinkel factory defence mission I was trying to make. IIRC, there is a connection between the Tony and the He100 but the Japanese had to redesign a lot of the aircraft. I believe the original aircraft was designed as a super-pursuit fighter and the design goal was supposed to be something like 700kph. It had a lot of streamling design stuff tried out on it particularly a wing surface cooling sustem - but these systems proved vulnerable in a fighter and unreliable to boot. Japan had boug
  9. I guess there aren't too many pics of the gunners doing their stuff in a Fe2 - but here's one on the ground -
  10. :) Fe2b baby!! Now that's what I'm talking about. Both gun mounts are modelled so I wonder if a/ You can play as a gunner a la FB & b/ If the position of standing on the edge of the front cockpit and firing back over the wing will be modelled. Those front observer types had testicles of steel and they must have been quite large. Imagine the pilot is throwing the kite around and you had to stand, unrestrained, on the friggin lip of your fabric-covered open cockpit and then aim and fire your Lewis gun at a target that was firing back - all without a parachute.
  11. I think you're right. Must be French rail then. The new update this week doesn't give any info but the pics were titled "Trashbird". Maybe a static ground object. Or maybe you can fly a Sopwith Tri-plane until it gets this badly bent. Quite the wreck though. Check out the bent undercarriage strut and all the sags in the airframe.
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