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  1. Blairgowrie

    Crash @ Flying Legends. :-(

  2. Blairgowrie

    Papabear Signing In!

    Welcome Papabear. Look forward to flying with you.
  3. Blairgowrie

    Tragic Accident

  4. Blairgowrie

    Duxford 2011 Near Live Thread

    Thanks Nick. I should have recognised Bluebear and nice to see a pic of Rox
  5. Blairgowrie

    Duxford 2011 Near Live Thread

    Who are all those people? I recognise Fruitbat, Friar and Crash but not the others. Who taught you how to resize FT? Obviously no one.
  6. Blairgowrie

    Internet Connection Upgrade

    Talked with my ISP today and he says he now has a solution for my upgrade. Should be soon!
  7. Blairgowrie

    Pooka's Visit

    Pook and Joanne arrived Wednesday evening. They stayed for a couple of days and left today. I couldn't help shedding a tear or two. They were both a great help to me and we had a some good laughs together. Sorry to see them leave. Great friends!
  8. Blairgowrie

    Duxford 2011 Near Live Thread

    Thanks Rog. Good to hear you picked up Rox ok.
  9. Blairgowrie

    Duxford 2011 Near Live Thread

    Send pictures of the rain please. Anything!
  10. Blairgowrie

    Duxford 2011 Near Live Thread

    Are we there yet?
  11. Blairgowrie

    Duxford 2011 Near Live Thread

    Keep us updated pleas. We are dying for info this side of the pond.
  12. Blairgowrie


    OK I have found another post by T_O_A_D where he lays out the path. Thanks anyway Jedi.
  13. Blairgowrie


    Bur where do I post it to Jedi?
  14. Blairgowrie


    Can anyone please tell me where to post the Maddox Dll?.
  15. Blairgowrie

    Buying Trackir 4 Pro

    The parcel is now on it's way. I very stupidly sent it surface mail. They wanted $60 for airmail which I should have paid. You should have it by Christmas Gec. Very sorry for my bad judgement.