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  1. Sloan

    Salute To Bg

    I first spoke with BG around 2006 and he was an instant friend, inviting me into the DD group and teaching me everything he knew. Heck, he even invited me for a stay at his home (though unfortunately I never made it to the far north to visit). He's always been good for a warm welcome and a joke, some jokes being more appropriate than others. Jim, I remember you telling me the story of your brother and how proud of him you seemed. I haven't had the internet at home for the last five or so years (and thus haven't been able to fly with the DD) but to this day, from time to time, I stop and wonder how my friend Jim is doing up north and I smile at how fond we can all become of a man that we play silly games with, a man who many of us have never met. Jim, all the best to you and your family my friend. You're in my thoughts and always have been. Thanks for the smiles, all million of 'em. ~Sloan (Arin) from Virginia
  2. Haha, I have visited the blarney stone. It's funny how you turn "I want to build a flight cockpit" into a two page essay application with a little help from blarney. Most of all, I had to assure them that it was an academic pursuit. In other news, Ashley and I have bought a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere and are still working on an internet solution. I promise the moment I'm wired again, I'll be in the skies with you guys. Also, we've acquired our own danger dog as it were! A rescue pit from a local organization: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_m18mSO0wORw/S ... G_6584.JPG
  3. Blog has been updated with a few photos. Getting near my deadline but only about 80% done on the pit - will probably have to ask for a month's extension. Check :: http://uvaflight.blogspot.com/
  4. Cool! Thanks Snacko. I actually just finished up building a jukebox with a similar touchscreen. Maybe I can get a second and build it into the pit eventually.
  5. Thanks for the reply - is the "top" the GTX2? I think this is just this GTX. Anyone know how that will compare?
  6. Hey all! Here's the build blog http://uvaflight.blogspot.com/ - not much here yet but will have new posts soon. Also, my grant got augmented! I asked for more money to help build a PC and they gave me $700 extra to go towards a motherboard and video card. Would these two items be a good choice?: (from tigerdirect.com) nForce 680i LT Motherboard/CPU (Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor 2.40GHz OEM)
  7. Yep sure will. I currently have a Saitek x52 (original blue one) and was thinking about using a portion of the grant money to get some CH Gear. Would you guys recommend the CH flight stick over the new Saitek x52 pro? (esp since Saitek just got sold to another company?) Rudder pedals and a throttle quadrant might be good too. Hopefully I won't design this thing for IL-2 controls and have a bunch of new ones added in BoB whenever it ends up coming out.
  8. Haha, yea, I thought the same thing when they said I had gotten the grant. "They'll give people grants for anything these days." If I had known it was this easy I would have put in for a full-motion pit on hydraulics!
  9. Hey everyone. It's been a *very* long time! First off, the usual apologies for my absence are in order. I still don't have access to the net at home. Here's what I'm writing about. I recently put in for an innovation grant at the library I work at and today I heard back that I will receive $1200 to build a cockpit. For educational purposes of course! This money will go towards materials, switches and flight gear (unfortunately it will not be enough for a brand new computer for myself!). Over the coming months I hope to post my work here and get a little feedback from you guys since I'll be using IL-2 as the simulator for which the cockpit is designed around. I hope you don't mind me using this thread to bounce ideas around regarding the placement of switches, seating etc. Hope all is well in the K9 world! -Sloan
  10. Wow, you're completely right. I was wondering why we were getting along better!
  11. Just stopping back by to let you guys know that FlightSim Pilot Shop has the Buttkicker Gamer on massive sale - for about $50 after a $20 rebate. I think I paid about $150 for it a year ago, so the price is a good one. Here's the link! You guys need this thing!
  12. Great posts guys, keep em comin! Glad to hear everyone had a great time.
  13. Ok i think i have it fixed. You guys were right, it was a messed up config file. I just deleted the old one and set my controls again. Thanks for the help! Yeah, a week ago at a memorial day picnic I forgot I was the ancient age of twenty-three and tried to play volleyball with a bunch of 10-12 year olds. One of them elbowed me in the chest and I'm pretty sure the rib is at least fractured. That'll teach me to engage in physical activity at my age... :oops:
  14. Hey guys - I've got a weird problem ever since I updated to 4.05m a few days ago. My plane constantly wants to pitch itself left and down towards the ground (and not in the usual manner that you get from the prop rotation). I tried unplugging my joystick completely and the problem is still there, so its not a joystick calibration issue. I've reset all my controls to default in the setup and thats not it either. Can anyone supply any other things to try? I've got a broken rib and two days of nothing to do, so I'd like to get this fixed so I can join you guys. Cheers!
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