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  1. Hi and welcome to the 'pound'! We have no restrictions on posting of YouTube videos, which is probably good otherwise there'd be a riot!
  2. Hi all. Apologies, I tried to leverage Amazon S3 for file storage as preparation for Web server move, and it did not go as planned. I am now reverting to local storage, this will result in occasional 'file not found' errors whilst they transition back. To the best of my knowledge nothing has actually been lost, but I do have backups. This will take a few hours to complete...
  3. B16Enk

    Problem Accessing Forums

    Very odd behaviour, digging deep with a big sharp shovel!
  4. B16Enk

    Finally upgraded my PC!!

    After tolerating a Phenom (I bought off Snacko ages ago) for way too long I stumbled into a bit of luck My eldest (who works at same company as me and lives at home) took pity on his mum playing Sims on a non-gaming laptop, and dropped $800 on a new one for me. This liberated the same amount for me from my bonus, and I now have a Ryzen 1800X in an Asus ROG (yeah really lol) Crosshair V1 board with 16GB DDR4. Oh and my first SSD, a Samsung 960 Evo 256Gb. Yet to get the RAM running as well as it could, who new RAM timings could run to 100s of settings! (I got GSkill F4-3200C16D-16GVKB which is not on the QVL for the board). DCS is smooth, with my 4 year old 770GTX (perhaps I may get a 1070+ for my birthday) as is Assetto Corsa powered by my G920 Wheel setup (I was 'permitted to buy that out of my bonus last month to replace the one I sold to FruitBat LOL). IL2 in all its flavours is silky smooth too, now to get practiced again so I can get online.
  5. B16Enk

    Finally upgraded my PC!!

    Crazy prices indeed, near double currently. but what choice do we have? Could have gone with an ATI equivalent but I have so little knowledge of them, as this will likely be my last GPU purchase for 6+ years it seemed a good investment..
  6. B16Enk

    Finally upgraded my PC!!

    So that 770 of mine? It made a loud popping noise Sunday night, and BSOD ensued on every boot (plus artifacts during boot). 4 years old... Replaced with a 1080SC EVGA model, 8GB DDR5X RAM and boy, night and day! So DCS is smooth, F15C at supersonic is so smooth... Shame about the $600 I had to drop to get back up and running 😄😂
  7. As some of you may recall I set about modifying my MSFFB2 and Saitek X55 to see if I could combine them. Frankenstein time for sure! Today I finally got the missing pieces I needed, contact pads for the spring loaded contacts in the handle, that finally enabled me to complete connectivity. It works! Showing illuminated joystick. Red wine, the ultimate creative fuel! The other thing is the X55 stick paired with the MSFFB2 base, to the left (below the vino) you can see the Dsub 25 connector that pairs the handle back to its now divorced base. Said divorced base, currently not using the X or Y axis, but all buttons on the stick fully functional, FFB is pretty good, handle holds center no problem as the weight distribution is spot on. Next up is implementing trim using the X and Y axis on the X 55 base, and integrating the MSFFB2 buttons and hat (the interconnect cable has 15 spare connections so no issue doing this at all). Once the above is done I will then work on the collective mod I dreamt of, should make DCS rotary flying more intuitive with natural controls and FFB. Have 17 days vacation commencing next Friday, so hoping for more accelerated progress. [emoji4][emoji4][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Welcome back Roberts! X56 - I have an X55 and found the axes were terrible, it was sticking slightly and made DCS unflyable. The throttle has a habit of breaking wires, easily fixed (I loomed in new more beefy wires). Now they are Logitech the quality may be improved though... And they do provide a lot of buttons etc. So I grafted the X55 handle onto a MSFFB2, got 4 extra buttons and an extra axis plus force feedback. Same could be done for an X56
  9. B16Enk

    Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Decided to revisit my MSFFB2 X55 Franken stick. First image shows the new part I printed on the right, and the original part on the left. This enabled mounting the X55 handle much lower, closer to where the original MSFFB2 handle sat. Second image is the part mounted in the gimbal, third image is the X55 circuit board mounted inside the MSFFB2 case, and the wires connected to it (10 enemy teensy wires to be soldered!). Final image is it all lit up, and you can just make out the X55 USB cable exiting the MSFFB2 base Now back to the collective project, now I have found the ideal material (nylon as it is very strong, self lubricating, and very light).
  10. B16Enk

    no permission

    Fixed. Download manager had been configured to post a new topic when new files were submitted, however no forum had been configured to post in, so system was posting into the Announcements forum that does not exist. Posts will now go into appropriate forums with {catname} as a prefix. Files always were available though! It was just the announcement of their availability.
  11. B16Enk

    Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Thanks Perf! I checked that linkout, quite an eye opener
  12. B16Enk

    Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Wow. July I posted this! I guess I should post an update: Base bit is being printed right now, will take over 20 hours to print The grey is a test fit for throttle grip, it works fine, will print final piece with textured (knurled) grip. Most of the black pieces are 15% carbon fibre, gives a nice matt yet metallic finish. Base is pure PLA and is high gloss black, the top of the base (with switches) will probably be the same matt finish carbon fire, Axis are hall sender for throttle and pitch, buttons are momentary 2 way toggles (like the X55) and this is all powered by a Bodnar board. Tension adjustment on the pitch axis, works very smoothly. Need to wire it all up when the base is printed, am creating bespoke PCBs for the Bodnar to switch interface, with diodes to do the matrix thing and give me 32 switches total. Only one pot so far, with a red knob.. steady Painless!
  13. B16Enk

    Tapatalk Upgraded plus..

    .. have now subscribed @$5 per month to remove adverts. Should all be working again now!
  14. B16Enk

    Spitfire Training Day

    1.57 and 2.1 Alpha Dodging commitments - now that may take some doing!
  15. B16Enk


    Very nice, professional looking job there! Price compares favorably with the CH Pro throttle too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. B16Enk

    Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Really? My Google foo is really off LOL, at least I do know they are not potentiometers [emoji4][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. B16Enk

    Photobucket has changed it's Terms Of Service

    One of the really nice things about our forum software, and having a dedicated server, is we don't need third party image hosting. In fact images hosted on our own server are likely to be served more quickly too! With the gallery feature you can also link to images when posting elsewhere, and even in emails. Tapatalk posted images however are hosted on Tapatalk, I may look at a mod that fixes that - parses the urls, copies images locally, and replaces them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. B16Enk

    Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    I should add that this is a non-destructive mod, both sticks can be returned to their original state. The adapter on the MSFFB2 has resulted in a modest extension, unavoidable without permanently modifying the MSFFB2 itself. Test flight in IL2 was really good, nice having feedback, and the extra length does add to precision. Had not realized the MSFFB2 has optical sensors, I thought they were pots and started researching replacements! Will post some photos of the components I manufactured to do this, all printed on my 3D printer, apart from the electrical connections themselves (I did try printing conductive plastic connectors but the plastic was way too brittle and at 2mm diameter very difficult to print at acceptable quality). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Treated myself to a 3D printer a while ago, was going to make an extension for my X55, then it occurred to me I could be a little more adventurous! So I made this: Underside view: WTF I hear you ask! It is an adaptor to couple the X55 joystick handle to a MSFFB2, non destructive to both sticks, and when I have done some soldering fully working with all buttons and hats. Next up is a clip on adapter to turn the X55 base into a trim control for all 3 axis and a button bay for the displaced MSFFB2 buttons. Ultimately I am looking to also create a throttle/pitch mod for the X55 base too, to add a little more immersion to helicopter flying [emoji4] Have enjoyed being an engineer again, and using 3D CAD to produce the design! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. B16Enk

    Something different but still modeling (kinda)

    I've heard of Maker Mark! I got a Monoprice Maker Select, an iPrusa clone. It holds 0.1 mm fine and is a good starter printer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. B16Enk

    More tragedy

    Utterly floored, yet not surprised, that some will stoop this low in a insane act of religion, and abhorrently against the very tenets of the religion they purport to act on behalf of. Good to see, however, the Brits can still summon up their 'Blitz' mentality and pull together and show the sadistic and murderous bastards we won't be cowed. Hope the c@nt gets his over endowed male virgins to torture him for all eternity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. B16Enk

    Funflak's new fighter

    Very nice! Looks not unlike the Pan European aka ST1300, I had a ST1100 that was my main transport for a number of years, still miss it.
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    SweetFX View File SweetFX - actually just testing the announcement of a new file feature that has been causing some raised eyebrows! Submitter B16Enk Submitted 01/28/2017 Category Utilities Checksum  
  24. B16Enk

    DCS Spitfire IX Tips

    I also find, personally at least, that being *too* gentle with the boost on takeoff can cause all manner of wayward behavior, being firm with boost and getting it >2.0 makes a lot of difference on rudder authority, obvious I know but it wasn't to me originally! I can now make a reasonably good impersonation of a controlled take-off! And yes - that buried take off cheat had been on, what an ego deflation finding that was!!
  25. B16Enk

    Spitfire IX

    Very nice watch that was Tom!