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  1. Sorry Craig, missed the PM for some reason. I did check and there is nothing awry with your account. Have you tried logging on in a private mode session in Chrome? That would rule out any funky stored data at your end. If that does the same I can try setting a password for you and PM you the password.
  2. I stumbled across this today, some really nice sounds, and Jay Leno seems a pretty cool (if very rich) guy!
  3. B16Enk

    Noobs R Us

    Welcome Tinribs! Many thanks for your generosity too, much appreciated. Glad you like our server, you have FoolTrottle (FT) to thank for that
  4. That looks pretty damned nice, bit difficult finding what planes are included with base version though!
  5. Fixed that for you, members can now view the calendar. Thanks for pointing that out!
  6. I can attest that this is totally normal for the Dogs, and what passes as therapy for them too... Thanks chaps, a good read and cheered me up!
  7. When we bought our house last year I asked Spectrum/Charter if they could provide service. They said they would send out a surveyor to confirm, came back and yep no problem. Moved in and then was told no service, team lead for engineers came through, dropped a 400' cable and got us 1Gb internet. Alternative was satellite, AT&T can only provide 74Kb lol. Dark ages!
  8. Cheers Arthur, and same to you (and everyone else)! Hmmm sale time, I have some $$ left in Christmas kitty...
  9. I have added a couple of M.2 SSDs each in a PCI adapter, the NVME are the best but all are significantly faster than the SATA 6Gbs drives. And yes you can boot from them. Review carefully the read/write speeds and compare them, note: You will need a PCIE V3 or later for some to get full benefit.
  10. I may not understand the issue and proposed solution(s). But our server has a ton of horse power and should be able to cope easily with the load? Is it that console/gui access is required? I for one do not have any issue with others having that access, provided suitable training is given on what not to do of course! Apologies for tardy response, work has been utterly crazy (102 hour week is my record and 25 days without a break including working on vacation!). I am now off until January 2nd though
  11. TS is now back up, apologies had a RL issue to deal with last night (all good no in RL). Hopefully I actually did it right, and you all retained your permissions! Move is now complete.
  12. DNS changed, database now running from new server, new server working fine! TS - I will be taking down the TS server and bringing it up on new server, this will take a bit mroee than I had expected, so there will be an outage. Apologies for that.
  13. Hi all. Finally got the time to build replacement web server, the current one is on it last legs from a hardware perspective, and as I type our data is being copied across. I will be taking the site off line briefly to make the old site talk to the new servers database, this will minimize downtime whilst DNS updates to the new IP. Teamspeak: I will have to take that off-line briefly too, and do a redirect to it whilst DNS updates. So this means we are all moving to Germany briefly, as TS will see source IP from old server... I aim to complete this today, to beat the billing cycle deadline for the old server. Dogfight server will be unaffected!
  14. And yes we now have Giphy (GIF icon on editor toolbar)
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