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  1. B16Enk


    Would love an STL @Rox so I can 3D print or carve with my CNC Router!
  2. B16Enk


    Looking really good Rox! aiming to export as an STL so it can be 3D printed?
  3. I have the X55 and it is good, the X56 is reportedly better quality, and has a thumb stick on the main stick too. X55 did have cable issues, they can break after long usage (mine did) but I was able to take the throttle apart and rewire it. Split throttle is useful too for multi engine, or chopper flying in DCS. The software is pretty good, and easy to program for those that want more from their button presses too, especially with 3 modes. For those that are adventurous I have a mod that can be 3D printed to mount the X55/6 stick on a MSFFB2 base too.
  4. OpenOVR run as Administrator was the charm! Thanks Arthur, had the pleasure of shooting down a couple of BF109-E in a Tempest
  5. Thanks Colin, that one I had seen - Did I get it right you have to do this for every plane? However the issue I have for example is that I am actually positioned behind the seat, with head height 1-2 feet above the wings in the Tempest. In any other VR game I would simply reset view and that would fix it, IL2 does not appear to respect that...
  6. As title suggests I am having a problem with pilot position in VR on my Rift S in BoX. Have read where you set position in 2D using the Insert/Home/PgUp keys etc, and save with F10. However I still find myself too high/forward/back and centering view does nothing in Steam VR. How have others fixed this if they experienced it?
  7. Hi all, After the recent upgrade some users have the wrong flag for their country (seems to default to the UK). This is due to geoid location failing. Easy to change though: Click 'Account Settings' and then 'Country': You will see a drop down to select country:
  8. Sorry Craig, missed the PM for some reason. I did check and there is nothing awry with your account. Have you tried logging on in a private mode session in Chrome? That would rule out any funky stored data at your end. If that does the same I can try setting a password for you and PM you the password.
  9. I stumbled across this today, some really nice sounds, and Jay Leno seems a pretty cool (if very rich) guy!
  10. B16Enk

    Noobs R Us

    Welcome Tinribs! Many thanks for your generosity too, much appreciated. Glad you like our server, you have FoolTrottle (FT) to thank for that
  11. That looks pretty damned nice, bit difficult finding what planes are included with base version though!
  12. Fixed that for you, members can now view the calendar. Thanks for pointing that out!
  13. I can attest that this is totally normal for the Dogs, and what passes as therapy for them too... Thanks chaps, a good read and cheered me up!
  14. When we bought our house last year I asked Spectrum/Charter if they could provide service. They said they would send out a surveyor to confirm, came back and yep no problem. Moved in and then was told no service, team lead for engineers came through, dropped a 400' cable and got us 1Gb internet. Alternative was satellite, AT&T can only provide 74Kb lol. Dark ages!
  15. Cheers Arthur, and same to you (and everyone else)! Hmmm sale time, I have some $$ left in Christmas kitty...
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