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  1. B16Enk

    New Toy Mmm

    Wow congratulations Arthur, and redefining 'new toy' right?
  2. FYI all, I have registered a DangerDogz Discord server (before somebody else decided to cybersquat it!). I'll share the link in our private area.
  3. There are ways around TPM and CPU: https://www.techspot.com/news/91691-here-how-bypass-windows-11-tpm-cpu-requirements.html
  4. All done! Re-enabled - the Dogs time one I may need to revisit to see if I can improve the appearance.
  5. Hi all, As topic title suggests I have had to disable some applications, and customizations, temporarily whilst trouble shooting some errors as requested by our software support people. The search function has also been affected by the errors, once system has been fixed I will be re-enabling the applications and cutomizations one at a time to ensure all continues to run well.
  6. Found my CAD drawings and models, originally I was going to make an X55 connector to slip over the original MSFFB2 stick stub. I canned it because of the complexity getting the electrical contact pads implemented. Any way, I can very easily modify the model to suite other applications very similar to the SopGrip idea. I can also machine it out of Delrin, much faster than 3D printing too 😉
  7. Awesome work that guy has done, he has one heck of a man cave! My CNC is a much larger affair, will machine 1.4M x 400mm. I never considered machining carbon fiber, that is giving me bank account draining ideas! Must get back on my collective project, not having to print everything now makes it a more feasible proposition...
  8. Pretty sure I have that drawn up in CAD already! It is possible to print an adapter similar to that and have it transition to whatever diameter shaft is required, or even into the screw type connector the X55/56 and warthogs use. I can even machine it out of delrin or aluminum with my CNC.
  9. I have 3D printer Todd. What are you thinking of making? no idea on the pots, have contemplated hall sensor replacement but never really needed it.
  10. Orifginal photos, including the X55 board in the MSFFB2 base:
  11. I grafted an X55 stick onto my MSFFB2 and it worked really well, there was space inside the MSFFB2 base to keep the X55 controlboard, so I was able to carve a hole and pass the USB cable for it out alongside the MSFFB2 USB cable. There may be photos of how I did it on here somewhere! On the shelf currently until I finish moving my office around:
  12. B16Enk


    Would love an STL @Rox so I can 3D print or carve with my CNC Router!
  13. B16Enk


    Looking really good Rox! aiming to export as an STL so it can be 3D printed?
  14. I have the X55 and it is good, the X56 is reportedly better quality, and has a thumb stick on the main stick too. X55 did have cable issues, they can break after long usage (mine did) but I was able to take the throttle apart and rewire it. Split throttle is useful too for multi engine, or chopper flying in DCS. The software is pretty good, and easy to program for those that want more from their button presses too, especially with 3 modes. For those that are adventurous I have a mod that can be 3D printed to mount the X55/6 stick on a MSFFB2 base too.
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