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  1. Hey Danger Dogz! I want to invite you guys to fly in the WWII Blue Flag Normandy server that had just gone up again after a few months being down. I've been flying in WWII simulation for maybe 20 years, started with the good old Warbirds, moved to Aces High, then IL-2 and on to modern from there. The new server concept is similar to the old Warbirds / Aces High concept, you have a persistent campaign that runs 24/7, you select which coalition you want to fly in and jump on board to help your side! We have online live map & statistics - http://gadget.buddyspike.net/map/normandy Discord for communication and chat - https://discord.gg/8VPX9wk Using SRS for online play and communications Hope to see you in the server! Xcom
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