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  2. Hi gentlemens! =VARP= squad invites you: Start date: Sunday 03.11.2018 (it is not fixed yet, but i hope it will be that Sunday) Game mode: Dogfight Game server online: from 21 - 01 CET ((yes, this means you can jump in at any time...it is still preferable to join ~21:00 to fly with max numbers of human players from Europe.....if we have more interests from people from other continents it can be adjusted so missions stay up even longer) Respawns: Allowed 3 lives per night Number of missions. 16 Game server: varpthor.tk/IL2:21000 Hyperlobby: Maybe, still not decided TeamSpeak: gec.servebeer.com:7777 MODS: 1.History 2.Expert 3.Okinawa v1.0 4.Victor sounds *optional 5.Effects2 *optional Campaign slots parameters: SEOW mission planner/radar: http://varpthor.tk/Mp4public Maps: Okinawa and Sakishima Allied air: 80 per mission Allied ground: 40 per mission Allied sea: 50 per mission Axis air: 60 per mission Axis ground: 30 per mission Axis sea: 15 per mission AI spawn time: on every full hour or every 2 hours (depends on commanders)* *Start time are to be stretched over 4 hours and not all units will be moving/flying at the same time For more info visit us: www.2ndvarp.net All information will be on our forum in post: www.2ndvarp.net/forumdispl...of-Okinawa =VARP=Klingon,XO,liaison