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  1. =VARP=Klingon

    =VARP= invites you to SEOW: Battle of Okinawa 1945

    Hi again! We thinking to start campaign again but switching sides and go back to coop mode.... 1. Auto start 21:00 without any waiting or restarting. 2. 1.5 hour missions...we could have 2 per night if we want or just 1 if it is too painfull to plan. 3. Since i don't plan to redesign the speeds or unit positions, we will need ~24-28 missions with shrinked time. 4. Expert mode, no expert mode is irrelevant to me, so it can be what ever majority decide 5. Rules and goals stay the same. 6. Hud info can be returned with mod v1.6 no problem 7. Axis ~50 planes, Allies ~60-70 planes....this require testing 8. Number of sea/ground moves stay the same. What do you think guys?
  2. =VARP=Klingon

    =VARP= invites you to SEOW: Battle of Okinawa 1945

    Start is delayed until 11.11.2018! So you have time to apply!
  3. =VARP=Klingon


  4. Hi gentlemens! =VARP= squad invites you: Start date: Sunday 03.11.2018 (it is not fixed yet, but i hope it will be that Sunday) Game mode: Dogfight Game server online: from 21 - 01 CET ((yes, this means you can jump in at any time...it is still preferable to join ~21:00 to fly with max numbers of human players from Europe.....if we have more interests from people from other continents it can be adjusted so missions stay up even longer) Respawns: Allowed 3 lives per night Number of missions. 16 Game server: varpthor.tk/IL2:21000 Hyperlobby: Maybe, still not decided TeamSpeak: gec.servebeer.com:7777 MODS: 1.History 2.Expert 3.Okinawa v1.0 4.Victor sounds *optional 5.Effects2 *optional Campaign slots parameters: SEOW mission planner/radar: http://varpthor.tk/Mp4public Maps: Okinawa and Sakishima Allied air: 80 per mission Allied ground: 40 per mission Allied sea: 50 per mission Axis air: 60 per mission Axis ground: 30 per mission Axis sea: 15 per mission AI spawn time: on every full hour or every 2 hours (depends on commanders)* *Start time are to be stretched over 4 hours and not all units will be moving/flying at the same time For more info visit us: www.2ndvarp.net All information will be on our forum in post: www.2ndvarp.net/forumdispl...of-Okinawa =VARP=Klingon,XO,liaison