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  1. Smash36

    Hey fellas!

    Awesome! Thank you FT. Glad to be back in this squadron of crude dogz again! I'm just about up to date with il2 sturmovik 1946. I'm at hsfx v7.0.2. I also have CLOD. Snacko hooked me up with an x52 pro throttle and I'm waiting on the joystick to get here. Then I have quite a bit of keybindings and hotas controls to set up. Just to get down to brass tax with yall lol. It's awesome to hear from you guys again. Its been years literally. I've been borrowing the teamspeak to play arma with my brother in Hawaii for awhile (I'm terrible I know) but I straight up miss the flight sim world. I'm currently trying to get my brother into the flight sims but he likes to be the Billy bad donkey that can fly with his keyboard because joysticks are over rated lol. But I think I can coax him into an x52.
  2. Smash36

    Hey fellas!

    Hello to all my dogz! Yeah its me smash, im back! did ya miss me? does anyone remember me? its been so long since i've been on here that i don't remember any of my login info for my old account ( other then i'm smash) i lost my email over the years so I couldn't restart my password. is coming back a thing like do i get to keep my DD member privileges lol? my rigs gotten a few upgrades since the last time i've flown so fps shouldnt be a factor and should make flying a lot more enjoyable. go ahead ask me questions so you can find out if im the 16 yr old dog yall remember..... or was.... im 25 now haha.