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  1. I just have to ask what is this Danger Dogz TEST server? What is it for and what is it designed to test? Whilst putting finger to keyboard, may I also refer to a conversation I had with DD_FT on another forum. In response to a comment of mine regarding the direction of CloD, he/she said that there had not been any major changes to the Danger Dogz server. At the time that felt wrong to me and against my memories but I did not have any data to back up my opinion and it was, as I have said, on someone else's forum so I didn't not want to get into a discussion. However, I have been clearing out my study and came across my CloD Log Books going back to 2015 (yes, sad muppet that I am, I used to record every flight). From those logs I can definitely state that the DD server was a lot different place than it is now. I had a fight in every flight and, though I was often knocked down, no enemy formation was ever too big or too well escorted for me to feel I should have a crack at it. Enemy raids now are routinely much bigger and, commonly, better escorted than they were then. There were also a lot more of them. I don't mind change and it is only fair that over time people will want to develop their server. I merely ask that server developers remember that not everyone is flying in the CloD equivalent of the "Big Wing", most of us are, in fact, probably flying solo.