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    ethics question.

    This is not as simple as it seems. Towards the end of the war attitudes changed. Killing the airplane was the primary objective. However, if the pilot could return in another aircraft a few days later, then all niceties went south. Pilots were so few and valued that they became the primary objective. Sad. But reality.
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  4. HI, I have dug up old install disks for the Lockon series (Platinum + Mordern Air Combat + Lockon Air combat Simulation) ... is it possible to install these and gain the use of the planes into DCS ?? I already have most of them ... but good idea. Cheers Ross
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    No, Not VTOL .. we are getting 78 of these up front with another 30 or so later. 120 mil a piece. And they wont be operational until 2020 earliest. Plus 12 new submarines being built in France ... go figure.
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    Some things cant be unseen ...
  7. Came across this gem on Facebook Pilots notes Nov 25 2018.pdf
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    Our GB Server is up and running

    Would that be GB as in Britain. . And excluding the colonies? .. tsk tsk. . 😉
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  13. Thanks Tom, works a treat ... still confused about creating a mission but have had some success so far. Made a mssion, placed a boat in the river, created a PE2 airborne and bombed the boat. Thought that was a bit lame, so added a couple of AA guns, and then next time got my ass shot off ... lol
  14. Tried everything. waited for half and hour. (Literally) ... not warming up. Closed water rads, closed oil rad. Pushed revs up to near flooding. Still nothing. Read all I can on the subject, with some saying should be off the ground in 45 seconds.. ?? Really would love to fly this beastie.
  15. I have the answer ... courtesy of ATAG Pattel ... start and takeoff in 15 seconds .. In a Beaufighter ... anyone who wants to know I can list it now. Its a cheat .. just brilliant .. will write it up tomorrow and post it for all.
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    Wanaka Airshow ... stunning Avro ...
  18. Hi, just about to receive my new Warthog Joystick and Throttle. But the prospect of re-inventing the wheel is daunting. I wonder if anyone has the "perfect" setup already done that I could plagiarise. Or just some suggestions, ie, I will miss the rotaries and slider on the X52 pro. Mainly for Prop RPM and rads and zoom view etc. TIA.. cheers Ross
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    All debriefy and things

    Thankyou for that .. I hope to make 2020 ..BOB .. cant wait ...
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    DCS Formate Shots

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    Thats what its all about .... really ...