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  1. DD_Sheriff

    Dedicated DCS evening

    DD_Sheriff - now have DCS (Steam - Openbeta - P51 and Spit) DCS Vanilla and DCS Openbeta. Spit only at this stage. AND, finally can take off and land ... hehehe
  2. DD_Sheriff

    DCS 50% Off Sale!

    You appear to mirroring my success rate with the Spit. Actually landed today with Fen watching .. (how embarrassing).. but the spit and I survived.. only taken 5 solid days of practice.
  3. DD_Sheriff

    Bomb Sight Bindings ?

    Thanks Sid, That forum page is plenty to work with. obviously I am not the only one struggling with this.
  4. DD_Sheriff

    Bomb Sight Bindings ?

    Yes, thankyou ... I understand there is nothing with in the menus but maybe there is a third party solution... app.. plugin or whatever.
  5. Hi, newbie here ... new sheriff in town ... duh .. Is anyone aware of any way to ease up on the mouse use with the bomb sight. Just a couple of key bindings would make it much faster to use, which is the current problem when having just a few seconds to line up and drop. TIA .. Sheriff