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  1. 10 hours ago, T_O_A_D said:

    I have a Joystick Prog I started to mess with a year ago, then got overwelmed with it. Hoping to control them all with just one prog. http://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/

    That looks neat to mess with! In particular if you have a mixed fleet of controller vendors. I'm not sure if being able to script my controls using Python right now would help me any given my current Python skills :)


    2 hours ago, delta7 said:
    for extra buttons you might want to try these               

    I have things like nav lights,F1 F2 , chat, eject mapped to these

    Awesome, I had forgot those existed. Of course Amazon US is out of stock right now.

    Thanks for the example spreadsheet!

  2. I'm wondering if anyone has good examples of key and axis mapping for keeping things consistent between sims?

    I've been working to get things set back up and was thinking there has to be a better way to get this done that won't break my brain.

    Not even getting into the fact that I never seem to have enough buttons or levers. 

  3. Just now, FoolTrottel said:

    Wow, you got a challenge on your hands then :)  HSFX 7.03 should go on top of 4.12.2m.

    But, there's a chance it will work... 

    If you start it, what does it say bottom left in the splash screen?

    (I'll just prepare the utility for you... It needs your IP address - I should be able to retrieve that - being a Moderator here - Are you using the IL2 Pc to post here? Or rather, a Pc on the same network as the IL2 Pc?)

    Thanks! I am at the same IP address. For good measure I will PM it to you.

    I think I need to sort out how to get to the right version. It is not happy at all with 4.13.

    Apparently the version you get from GOG is too far in the future!

  4. Just now, FoolTrottel said:

    Welcome Mosinut!

    Let us know how the 1946 install goes, we got some utility that might be able to assist you in that, and that can 1946 to DD's standard.


    Looks like the version of il2 1946 is different from the first post though. 

    I have 4.13.4m which is what GOG installed for me. I guessing that needs to be back to 4.12 to work online?

    I did get that patched up to HSFX 7.03 though.

  5. Howdy, saw the topic over on the il2 BOS forums and thought I would drop a note here. 

    Just recently dug the joystick and pedals out from storage (no idea where the throttle went!) and thought to start flying again. Not that I'm good at it!

    I can usually take off, and sometimes land :)

    Most of my flying has been off line so looking to start some on line fun. 

    Now to finish installing stuff. Up next is il2 1946.

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