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  1. Thanks and good to know I'll not be alone!
  2. Hi Dogz! I just wanted to say hello to all and say that I'm looking forward to getting back into Flt Simming and certainly making some new friends along the way.! I flew online a bit back in the mid 90's (yes, old guy...) but really have just gotten back in with a new system and platforms so this should be fun...! I currently have IL-2 BOS/BOM, CLoD, RoF, and DCS. I'm still on the learning curve for all of them but DCS and BOS are at least to the point now that I think I would not embarrass the group should I attempt an online flight! I am also new to TeamSpeak (that whole concept really) so keep that in mind if you stumble upon me online and lost... Not that it matters but I am also a long-time real world pilot and definitely have an affinity for the older props up to the F-86/Mig-15 timeframe. I recently got the Mig-15 ibs for DCS and must say it is a superb jet to fly. Delta 7 and Perfesser both sent me a nice note with some links to the happenings and guidelines of the group and hopefully I can get online one of these evenings soon. I'm based on the East Coast USA in FL. Ok, just wanted to say hello to all and I'll see you online sometime soon. Thanks. P.S - still working on a callsign but for now it'll be RetroOne until I can come up with something better!