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  1. hey Dangerdogz we are starting a campaign on our server 24/7 all pilots that wish to fly must be registered on our forum by Sept 30 fly as red or blue but once registered you can not change all stats reset when you die so stay alive! Come join us have fun and accomplish the missions. 90 day campaign, thousands of targets. https://twcclan.com/twc-campaign-sign-up/
  2. Fatal

    hello Dogz

    Thanks for the heads up Blu. I am working toward a SOW type event for as long as it takes to finish the war so to speak. We have added over 3000 targets to the map (SOW had 8000) and are making 5 versions if red rolls the map lines move north if blue rolls it goes south. If red wins again map is done war is over if blu wins twice then we can continue to England for a propper BOB campaign hopefully in coordination with another server like DD or Warbirds or ACG or ATAG. We have R&R but until I get some kind of commitment or help from TF you lose you loadout and paintjob and that won't do at all. So you guys stop by anytime as you are always welcome <S> Fatal
  3. So where have all the Clod players gone from DD We have our tactical server up and working come have some fun much to do every hour over 3000 active targets <S> Fatal
  4. This is TWC_Fatal_Error commander of The Wrecking Crew, We have been using your server to train my pilots and would like to compliment you on a superb job and the map is tremendous FT as is your use of the FMB. It is my hope to some day collaborate with you setting up some strafing missions in the map for fighter pilots that are guarded by skilled enemy pilots that only spawn when the targets are threatened.Such as a train or a moving convoy of supplies. Each of my crew has commented on the layout you now have and this was the overall 1 thing they say they would all like to see for both the allied and axis planes. Again many thanks and fine job DANGERDOGZ!!<S> Fatal