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  1. Not able to attend, my apologies gents. Summer time, beautiful sunny weather is a killer for flying, especially weekends.☹️
  2. Thanks Sid, your work and effort is very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Fen, much better looking.
  4. I have to miss this one chaps, (sorry) visitors dropping by.
  5. Message to all the Danger dogz. But more Direct to the Danger Dogz administrators My apologies for not showing up on weeknights your time.Whether it's IL 2 bos or DCS. Reason being for my absence is due to this selection of work I have chosen for this spring sheet. I tried my best to fit a flying schedule. However, the good news is that this sheet is almost over. I have holidays coming up, and then the new sheets starts. So I will have time because my selection this time gives me a bigger window of opportunity to join you fellows. I truly value the time With the dogz, whether it be more of a serious mission or a fun get together. Looking forward to our next get together. Cheers Dennis AKA Wingflyr.
  6. Mitchell Martin KIA 27/01/45 AIR :nil Ground 3x AAA Gun 3x Facility New replacement pilot Merlin Douglas
  7. @ Fenrir That sounds and looks like so much fun, thumbs up Fen.
  8. Will be missing this one gents. Have a good mission guys.
  9. Mitchell Martin 23/01/45 AIR :nil Ground : 1 Opel Truck 2 searchlights
  10. wingflyr

    New Toy Mmm

    Nice set up Crash, lots of buttons and switches makes for lotsa fun.
  11. ☹️I will miss this one fellows, thanks to good old daylight saving time🙄
  12. Mitchell Martin 16/01/45 AIR : x1/2 HE11 Ground : x3 Railcar, x1 AAA 2 searchlights
  13. Thanks Fen for your exciting missions. 15/01/45 Mitchell Martin Took damage from attacking Fw190, both engines damaged. Heading for home plate where I was bounced by one lone German fighter. I evaded and managed to fire and hit him, on his over shoot. He gave up the chase and head off toward Red lead and Red two which took care of him swiftly. I continued on to Strass Feld Airfield for successful landing Air: Slightly Damaged Fw 190 Ground: NIL
  14. 15/01/45 Mitchell Martin Air: 1x Fw 190A Destroyed Ground: 1x Artillery Destroyed, 4x AAA Destroyed Ground: 1 truck destroyed Ground: 1 truck damaged Ground: 1 building destroyed
  15. That is awesome FT well done, you are a skilled man. 9Movie sets still use mini model today in movie scenes.
  16. Yes big thanks for the mission and all your work involved. It was was a lot of fun even though incomplete on my part.
  17. 08/01/1945 Air Claims: 0 Ground claims: 1 locomotive, 4x Train Car
  18. Very interested in piloting a Mosquito with the same thinking as FT, switching to Navigator if and when necessary.
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