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  1. Again I concur that Chis had those G T and I also had G-kills on the game score board not record.
  2. @ Fen Sorry to hear that Tom Hope all is well with him.
  3. Here you are Fen. Let me know if you can't do it ,I perfectly would understand M8.

    Wingflyr_HELLO JERRY.psd Wingflyr_HELLO JERRY2.psd

    1. wingflyr


      Here is one in jpeg

      Wingflyr_HELLO JERRY2.jpg

  4. wingflyr

    New Toy Mmm

    @ Arthur Excellent outing looks like a lot of laughs.
  5. Yes I m pretty sure BB right I saw him get his also saw on the game score I got an extra Howitzer, with no credit. I was right behind him all the way.We really raked the place.
  6. Ah no worries Chris I look at it being 50 50. I as well should have had my SA in check. It really happened in RL and It happens here too. I'm also glad it went through and that we both survived. I think as POWs, tell the bastards nothing and start our plans for the great escape and disruptions.
  7. 😵Don't give us DCS-errs a heart attack Jabo, lol.
  8. Good show and well done crash, sorry I missed it chaps, I was nursing a broken big toe.
  9. Good, I was kind of hoping it would be a dream.😴😌
  10. wingflyr

    Off for a bit

    All the best on the move Dave. Hurry back Bud.
  11. That looks excellent fellows, a thing of beauty to watch indeed.
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