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  1. Double wot he said!All this flying, and no time to do it all.
  2. Hey, Mark. Hope to hear from you soon.Drop in and say hello M8.
  3. I think that the most comfortable position is important. So what ever length you choose to use, your arm base should be as level as possible to the stick. You will need as much relaxed state as possible. Having arm elevated up will cause some tension. So proper mounting is important.Whatever extension is the way to go .Just my Two cents Kira.
  4. Oh man that was good. I needed a good laugh Thanks for sharing Swep.
  5. wingflyr


    Ouch! Not a good look for a spity or any other AC for that matter.😬
  6. Thanks for sharing Kev, that was a lot of fun.
  7. Yes, tempted to get back at it. It does have its own flavours.
  8. Hornet is most comfortable for me Fen. Spending considerable amount of time on the Hornet, although plenty more to learn on this bird. Huey would be fun but not confident enough. Have you got the multiple Hueys picking up troops problem fixed. I ask because I have a Multiplayer mission that AP Sheriff Zukker and Myself tried and definitely picked up multiple troops and dropped off with the hueys very do_able. I can send you the Mission.
  9. Woo....... Look at the detail on that JU88.
  10. I'm in see you there skipper.
  11. @ Arthur sounds like fun. I will try my best to be there.
  12. Do It man! DO IT MAN! JUMP! LOL I already jumped LOL.
  13. Man!! That is a lot of new exciting stuff.
  14. That is awesome Mel, wow.
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