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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Tuesday 2nd February 2021 21:00 BST


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  1. WOW! I know it movements are copied by a human, but what if.............. And so it starts. The TERMANATOR IS Born Ana NEAR.
  2. Dennis Falcon reporting for duty sir. Requesting a different bed bunk this one seems to be cursed. Superstition is a funny thing.
  3. Thanks Kira. Now I dont feel so bad seeing a real pilot have a repeated go at it. Mind you thats in the dark also, which adds to the delema. LOL
  4. ☹️Will not be available for Sunday Oct 4 mission, will be attending a Celebration of Life event. Have fun and good luck fellows.
  5. Again I concur that Chis had those G T and I also had G-kills on the game score board not record.
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