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  1. Thanks so much Fen I personally had a blast. Thanks for all the work that went into this. Mission Brief Bozon Red 3 had one engine go out and had to turn for home. By the way Excellent lead work Brems. We made it all the way there, Brems and I hit our mark. Then I lost Brems after we got hit by AAA, headed out 294 for home plate also looking for Cannon red lead. As I her Red 1 call out bandits on him. I went in trying to get comm up for Zukker in as my Navigator. Bummer! ☹️
  2. FT I'll have the same as what your drinking, my good man. lol Hey my cat was green and blue one time after it got into my wife's paint set. lol
  3. That was Bloody Brilliant Col thanks for sharing, now that is an airshow Canada. God Bless The Queen!
  4. Sorry did not see the top portion of the post. Yes Africa map please. We have plane sets to suit era.
  5. 03/02/45 Pilot Wingflyr not sure what this pilots name was KIA by Flak AIR 0 Ground 1 x AAA Pilot - Curtis Douglas is next in line reporting.
  6. Yes! On my calender, Mossie pilot also please. I will link Sherriff and Zukker about mission Thanks Fen
  7. Sorry can not make this one, having to attend family event.
  8. Looks like a great day at the museum, very nice chaps.
  9. 😲THE WORLD HAS COMPETELY GONE MAD!! Are you flying that helicopter Arjen😜
  10. Oh man! Also to you Todd, good thoughts your way to you and your family. Life sucks sometimes.
  11. No worries Zuk as family is first most important priority. Lisa and myself send our thoughts and prayers to you and family, you have over the years you have become a close friend. If you need anything dont hesitate to ask. Dennis
  12. Not able to attend, my apologies gents. Summer time, beautiful sunny weather is a killer for flying, especially weekends.☹️
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