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  1. @Fen. LOL Its a beauty especially at night or dusk.
  2. Yes I'm in Fen. Thou, not till next week when my work hours have changed. Tomorrow I should be on for a short session.
  3. Very cool and handy, Thanks Fen.
  4. Thanks Jabo, much appreciated.
  5. wingflyr


    Brilliant! Arthur thanks for sharing. Just incredible. You just want to shake his hand and give him a hug.
  6. Very good to me. If all parties are in favour.
  7. Thanks Fen, pre ordered another ride for my collection. All for the cause of coarse.
  8. Brilliant! Thanks Tom a valuable tool.
  9. Woooooooooo!😎 Doh! Now where is my dam wallet. My wife must have hid it again.😲
  10. Wow, no kidding Big one. Excellent. Thanks Fen for heads up.
  11. Wow. I really hope this does not effect future ED developments, for I can"t figure out his intentions with models like detailed F22 F35 manuals. No wonder Chuck stayed far away from F14 Manual contribution.
  12. Thanks Tom. 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 1.Tuesday 2. Thursday 3. Wednesday 4. Monday 5. Friday 6. Saturday 7. Sunday
  13. Yes, I too am sorry for my lack of attendance. The scheduled work week I picked for the spring sheet I thought would work. Im finding it difficult to attend with the time I have allocated to myself or if I do its a very short session. With that said I will try to pick a better timetable for summer sheet in june, and start joining the Dogz more regularly during the week. As for Sundays and Sats very little to none, time spent with the Mrs" especially with summer and good weather approaching. When I talk to Artie Zukker AP and Ross, I will mention the situation here at hand. Flyin with you fellows is a blast and would hate to loose that. So in summary, most of the week is good for whatever but depending on the work schedule of coarse. Weekends and some Fridays are usually out. Cheers Dennis
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