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  1. Yes very well put Tom. The sheer atmospheric pressure of being alone was concerning until you my friend broke R/T silence to my relief. All this checking six and sky, for fear of getting bounced. Realistic feeling really. At the briefing I was comforted by the squad that those occurrences did happen and not beat myself up about it. The other point was the prop strike, not having to take this beauty up again for a while is little bothersome, she did get me back safely. Wind gust and track IR not centering for me was against me. All in all very excellent experience. Wingflyr
  2. wingflyr


    Nice shot well done Crash.
  3. wingflyr

    Track IR DCS

    I was just about to guide you to the right path until I read the last bit on your post. Good you got it going. Yeah stupid isn't it, its like they don't want people to put profiles i. They changed that a long long time ago, as found out after been frustrated Oh then the AppData file was hidden. Yeah WTF. LOL
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