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  1. Depends on the stick your using BB I guess. I use a Warthog Thrustmaster and find one notch up is ideal.
  2. That was cool! Thanks for sharing Fen.
  3. Week nights I'm in Colin, as weekends are going to be harder and harder to get free, especially when the sunny weather starts. and/or 16:00 Saturday your time is also possible for it would be 8:00am here Vancouver British Columbia.
  4. Here: Dev blog #89 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles In case if the oxygen system is damaged it is highly recommended to avoid high-g maneuvers and descend to 3km and lower. Here it is fellows, As in my situation. Oxygen failure at high altitude.
  5. Replacement pilot 2nd Lt James Hendley AKA Scrounger posted to 402nd.
  6. Yes. Saw that credit LOL, I knew as you were coming through the gate there would be a stir_up. As one gentleman to another old boy in fairness of war, lets put this aside, find a hole out of this bloody place and I will buy you the biggest round of beer in town.
  7. Thanks Swep enjoyed watching that.
  8. Hear Hear!!! I think we need at least a captain. I vote for replacement leader in honour of the late Major Arjen Eftee and the great achievments he has achieved.
  9. LOL Sorry Perf I had to laugh at FTs In short: Request Denied! lol ouch
  10. Happy Birthday Dennis !! 🛫

  11. WOW! I know it movements are copied by a human, but what if.............. And so it starts. The TERMANATOR IS Born Ana NEAR.
  12. Dennis Falcon reporting for duty sir. Requesting a different bed bunk this one seems to be cursed. Superstition is a funny thing.
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