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  1. ametzeala

  2. Liberation Of Arnhem Photos

    Hehe no problem.I like these kind of photos in particular too .Good luck collecting the photos FT .
  3. Liberation Of Arnhem Photos

    Some interesting then vs now photos from the liberation of Arnhem,which took place 70 years ago,today. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/featured/arnhem-then-andnow.html
  4. I think i will make it for todays training session . See you then!
  5. Dcs Mig-15 Vs Sabre Tournament

    Hey.Eagle Dynamics is sponsoring a MiG-15 vs Sabre tournament,which,in my opinion is a good thing since there arent many more flight simulator tournaments these days.More info here: https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics/videos/10156265951475341/?__mref=message_bubble
  6. Happy Birthday Bongodriver

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Bf-109K4

    Lucky you . Maybe i will get it on Christmas sale if its a decent enough discount!
  8. Joystick on amazon UK:235 Euros.Same joystick on amazon US:185 euros.WHY?!?

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    2. ametzeala


      Well that is pretty dumb.Even if i pay the transport from US to Eastern Europe i will still end up with like 30 euros more :D

    3. Crash


      Dont forget about VAT and import duty ;)

    4. ametzeala
  9. Dcs Mig-21 First Impressions Video

    To be honest this looks amazing!Cannot wait for it to finally come out,after all this time!