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  1. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    The reason behind selected day and time is to accommodate for the guys from US since late start on Sunday would prohibit those working early on Monday in Europe. Hope to see DD joining us. Sent using Tapatalk.
  2. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    After a year long break, DBS is once again running missions. Next up is Battle of Santa Cruz: http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?26260-DBS-Mission-8-Battle-of-Santa-Cruz
  3. Quick Poll For Joystick Placement?

    No luck on the man cave yet on my end. Did score some brownie points with the mrs., though. The whole pit was built from chipboard.
  4. Quick Poll For Joystick Placement?

    Thanks. The connector in question is MINI DIN 5 PIN. I've bought one male and female, found a 5 wire cable and used soldering iron to connect the two, kanibalizing them in the process to fit into a 7 cm extension.
  5. Quick Poll For Joystick Placement?

    I can not recommend enough getting an extension for your Hog. Here is my foldable setup, perhaps you can steal some ideas: http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?25663-Project-Foldable-SimPit
  6. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    Next one is up, DBS Mission #8: Genova Harbor Details and sign up here: http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?25783-SIGN-UP-DBS-Mission-8-Genova-Harbor&p=308402#post308402 Saturday again, but we can move it to Sunday if the majority wants to.
  7. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    Plenty of slots still open, and you do not need to be on time - join in through out the 3h event. We have a pass for this one, available from our sign up thread (link in post #6).
  8. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    Any more interested pilots? We have almost full RED team bomber roster still open...
  9. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    And we would be extremely pleased to have you flying with us. Post here or reserve a slot over at BFs forums.
  10. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    Gentleman, the next mission is up for 31st of this month: [sIGN UP] Battle of the Coral Sea Map overview and details Perhaps there will be some interest from DD guys this time?
  11. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    Maybe you can join us on the next one. Few selected screens from the Mission: These and many more screens available HERE .
  12. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    One more thing. The number of available A/C types isn't fixed in stone (e.g. all 10 bomber slots on blue side can be used with just one plane type). That and we plan on doing two sorties in one go since this is a dogfight server Mission (e.g. from SBD to TBD and vice versa) which could result in switching to a different A/C due to availability since every carrier has about 15-20 aircraft of different types and if one goes the total number of available planes goes down with it.
  13. Dbs Missions | Bf3 Server

    Just in case someone got a wrong impression: This is a historical mission with the primary goal being recreating the historical battle and the atmosphere, with emphasis on teamwork and having fun. Scoring points is last on our list. A bit more relaxed than SEOW if one can draw a comparison. Huge testing went into building the map for this mission. Each fleet was accurately populated and all 7 carriers that fought on that fateful day are featured in. Flak was fine tuned to result with minimum lag while not being harmless at the same time. We have AI flying nice historical formations and preforming coordinated attacks for the blue side - to set the atmosphere and populate the battlefield even more. You can read all about this and more, here: http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?25671-Battle-of-Midway-MDS&p=307182#post307182 If this is something that interests you, feel free to register at our forums and reserve a one of 60 available slots (many already reserved): http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?25698-SIGN-UP-DBS-Mission-6-Battle-of-Midway Before doing so, make sure you have all the requirements. I hope to see some of you guys flying with us.
  14. Hello gentleman, it has been a while since DBS last run a mission and I can speak for everyone from BFs/DBS when I say we had a great time flying that match vs. DD a year ago. Continuing the tradition, I would like to invite you to our next historical mission: Battle of Midway We even did a short promo video for it: If you are by any chance interested in participating, please see this thread.