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  1. No idea about Xbox stuff, but I have a Microsoft Force-Feeback wheel with pedals that I never use and would love to sell. Does it work with Xbox?
  2. Yeah, I thought that too on the post, but I figure you guys knew it would be IL2 (WW2 related).
  3. Weeee! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN15fv2tzgE#t=12
  4. This work with the CD/DVD version released several years ago? (not the ORIGINAL original, but the updated one). (I have both, of course).
  5. From the 4.11m readme: Mouse wheel zoom It is possible to zoom in/out with the mouse wheel on all maps (Briefing, Debriefing, FMB and inflight map). The new view is centered on current mouse cursor position if possible (exceptions are near the map edge). If you use mouse wheel as one of your HOTAS commands the zoom in/out feature is disabled on the inflight map. So check to make sure mouse wheel isn't assigned to something else. If It is, obviously, kneepad (or full screen map) zoom via the scroll wheel won't work.
  6. Complicated? Here's screenshots of my JSGME: When I want to fly 4.13m RC4: When I want to fly 4.12.2m: When I fly with you goofballs:
  7. You won't be making 4.13m selectable; you are USING 4.13m; and you have to make 4.12.2m Selectable. There's no way to do it the other way.
  8. Hmmm. Again, do this at your own risk. Begin with 4.12.2m. It doesn't matter that you use this installation with HSFX. Following me so far? And we begin: BEGIN with 4.12.2m DISABLE ALL MODS Create a folder in your jsgmemods folder called 4.12.2 Stock. Copy Files.sfs and DT.dll into the 4.12.2 Stock folder. This "makes" a new MOD for 4.12.2m. You may now update your game to 4.13mRC4 If you wish to "downgrade" your game back to 4.12.2 to take advantage of HSFX (or whatever), ACTIVATE the 4.12.2 Stock MOD When you want to go back to 4.13mRC4, simply "disable" the 4.12.2 Stock MOD For me, when I fly with you guys, I activate (from 4.13mRC4): 4.12.2 HSFX etc. When I'm done (to get back to 4.13), I simply disable those MODS.
  9. OMG. I've been watching all of them. Great post.
  10. Tolwyn

    Hardest Day 2015

    Not too many pics here, just wanted to share a few of many.
  11. Fair enough. Desktop Support has its own rewards. I'm just providing information for the OTHER folks in the squad that might not need to go through any undue pain.
  12. Well, there probably isn't any "new stuff." Kinda was part of my point. If a higher version number is your thing... knock yourself out. The notion that you're getting the "greatest" is a you thing, not an nvidia thing. Latest, maybe. Greatest? Not necessarily.
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