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  1. 357th_Codfodder


    That is the correct Gmann, I confirmed he registered here before.
  2. 357th_Codfodder


    Jabo, I do not have access to the link. It must be verboten. Gec, we can use the B or not. What ever is easiest for you guys. B16Enk, you must be that bad.....Microsoft cannot be wrong.....lol Looking forward to flying guys, S! Cod
  3. 357th_Codfodder


    It went to junk folder. I just never noticed....sorry for the confusion.
  4. 357th_Codfodder


    Hello Everyone, If you are looking for a few pilots capable of flying Jabo/Bombers/Fighters we are ready and able to help. Most of us are used to DID, SEOW and closed cockpits. If you would like some additional support in the virtual skies, please let us know. Currently we have the following pilots fully trained and ready to move the front line! 357th_Sundance 357th_Gmann 357th_Yip 357th_Codfodder I/KG26_Evil HK_Grayray IMS_nec Of course, we will not be able to get everyone for every week. I also understand we will be used to fill the Axis side and look forward to flying with you all. S! Cod