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Modding Silent Hunter 5

Mods have changed the graphics, user interface, and game play in SH5. It is the best version by far in the SH series now, and well worth another look...

Posted by Snacko on Oct 07 2011 13:04 PM
UPDATE: 11/4/12
I have zipped up my personal jsgme mod pack and uploaded it to my Google Drive. It is about 350meg. All you do is install SH5; patch to 1.2; enable these mods; and read the readme file to tweak the enemy difficulty and learn a few things on playing.

Get my download pack here.



Original Manual Instructions:

I originally made these instructions for CaptJack and JoeBob, but when I was done, thought some other Dogz might find it useful. So, here it is....

Posted Image

Why give SH5 another try you ask? The failings of the stock game have been fixed by modders and actually enhanced far beyond what you would expect! Take a look at the tutorial channel at the end of this post for some good videos on the new user interface. Or just search Youtube for silent hunter 5 mods and take a look.

The entire user interface has been redesigned and is highly customizable. You have a basic choice of using a SH3, SH4, or SH5Ehanced style UI. Once that is chosen, you have tons of options you can tweak to change it in a config file. And also many options within the game in new option screens and menus.

There are a ton of mods available for download, and has a downloads section. But for some reason the modders don't seem to be putting their mods there all the time. So, you can't just look in the SubSim downloads section to find the best and latest stuff. You need to look in the forums for lnks.. I had fps problems when I was trying to figure out which mods to use on my own; using other mods. But some forum members helped me get the best mods, and here is what they said. Use mega mods! And tweak from there...

1. Start from a Fresh Install... Delete the game and all its traces off the PC, reinstall the game

2. In 'support' folder you'll find 'gu'-folder (game updater). Launch it and the game should be patched to v.1.2 automatically. It is not a quick process so just follow all the instructions. The patch is installed when the activation window will appear (account name + passport).

3. Start a Campaign and Play the tutorial without any mods installed, you'll be autosaved in bunker. Make sure you are DOCKed and saved. Exit to Windows, install JSGME into Ubisoft/Silent Hunt 5/

4. Download the mods into a folder on your desktop. Just keep them there till you read the rest of this and watch the video instructions below:
  • Magnum Opus v0.0.1
  • Magnum Opus Patch 2
Get these here:
This MO mod really upgrades the graphics (textures, fog, environment) in the game.
  • NewUIs_TDC_6_8_0_ByTheDarkWraith
  • Add-On mods for this
Get these here:
This makes the user interface much, much better. It adds tons of new customizable features, and has an options file where you can tell it to use SH3, SH4, or SH5Enhanced (default). So, you can change it and tweak the UI and game much more.
  • IRAI_0_0_30_ByTheDarkWraith
Get this mod here:
  • FX_Update_0_0_19_ByTheDarkWraith
Newer version of the FX_Update mod. Get it here:

5. Now, watch these videos on how to install it all. The information is good, but the video quality sucks at times but is watchable. He posted these videos 8 months ago, so some things have changed. (see NOTE below)
Basically, he has you import and enable the Environment mods first, then the UI mods, and then game tweaks. Also, there is an Antilag .dll that helps with the mouse lag due to the game overprocessing too many fps at times.

How to configure and instal Magnum Opus megamod for SH5
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

a ) Some mods mentioned by stoianm (NewUI, IRAI, FX_Update) already have new versions, which could be found on the forums in the SH5 Mods Workshop. But I think some or all may have already incorporated into these other two main mods. I just installed the mods I posted links to above. I did not download the IRAI or FX_Update mods. And on my laptop it seems to work fine and look awesome. I am in the process of install this all on my desktop now as well. I may try and figure out those other two missing mods. But I am guessing they may already be built into these two main mega mods.

b ) D3D9 Antilag is applied not via JSGME, but with copying the .dll, .cgg files to the game directory Ubisoft/Silent Hunt 5. But I just made that a jsgme mod that copies the dll and config files into the root of the game. That seems to work fine.

6. Load the saved in bunker game, resave it one more time, exit to Windows and then load again, and everything should work perfect (if you done all the steps properly)

'How to' Tutorials:

[TEC] Tutorials of all you ever wanted to know about SH5
stoianm1's Youtube Channel

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