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New P-38/Tiffie Campaign Debrief Thread

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Hi all. Could we please keep this thread solely for the post mission announcement of claims and  reserve all other availability announcements  and campaign discussion for the main thread here: 

I need to keep the content in this debrief thread to a bare minimum and only to scores and shift as it will help appreciably with quick referencing of the claims.

Many thanks chaps.

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Shot down - bailed - 1 x K4 damaged.

Given the extent of the damage from a single hit (pilot wounded, both engines wrecked and on fire, controls non-responsive and airframe reduced to a collection of holes held together by aluminium) I think that was probably an 88mm that got me. 

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193 Sidley

Successful bombing of artillery position - 2 x cannon

Successful flight back and landing with, ummmm, altered wing....note the light coming through the split...

Tiffie bent wing.jpg

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Walter Moore

4x 109G6 and/or K4

(Though one could argue #4 was not mine: I fatally hit a 109 in its left wing, then another 109 decided to bud in, and take off that bent wing completely, rendering his own aircraft unflyable. The pair went down together. United.)


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