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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Sunday 24th January 2021 21:00 BST

PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign

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No problem Dave, for the record I thought you did a fine job of leading White flight through the ground attack phase and of leading 485th back to home base after I had to land at Uphoven with damaged engines. We will go back to White 1 being leader both in function and formation, the job is yours if you want it. If not then I would ask for a volunteer.......... ?
Well done 485th yet again, no losses and a considerable haul of howitzers, AAA and machine guns. 

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Apologies to all that last night was a bust; obviously there were a number of technical issues, many of which that were no one persons fault,  but considering it took 40 minutes to get from server up

Heads up gentlemen: Thanks to postponement of last Sundays Campaign mission the next event day is now Tuesday October 27th 2020. Apologies for any disappointments at Sundays cancellation but than

Debrief 410th BG What started as a flight of four A20s soon became a flight of three as unfortunately Sheriff encountered a recurring technical issue that prevents him from moving beyond the hang

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Ok White flock, it's your new Shepard here...

i hope to be able to live up to the excellent leadership that has gone before me.

i would like to bring a new style to our flight and provide an incentive to hit our objectives. Pilots achieving their targets can, if they wish, pick a number from the holy book of wisdom. Pilots who have not performed so well will be asked to pick 3 numbers from the holy book, this way the wisdom will bring a strength, fortitude and courage for the next flight (and the threat of the rest of the flight expressing their gratitude for the enlightenment.)

Above all I ask you all to fly well, aim straight and any "accidental" weapons testing in my general direction while in formation will be seen in a very bad light.

" affectus enim est ovium "

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Another successful mission gents.

402nd and 485th had instructions to search for and engage any enemy aircraft in their respective sectors - 402nd in the vicinity of Düren, 485th above the front lines near Meijel.

Anticipating a lukewarm reception from our Luftwaffe adversary again, both squadrons elected to carry bombs should some ground targets make themselves apparent towards the end of the patrols, and again this decision paid off.

402nd found a number of airfields in their area of operations and set to with a will destroying AAA, trucks and parked aircraft across 3 separate airfields. The result? A grand total of 31 enemy ground targets destroyed, including 13 e/a on the ground with 2nd Lt Fenton Rea claiming a remarkable 6 Fw 190s alone. If they won't come up to fight, eh gents...?!

This is a record haul of ground targets destroyed for the Group in single mission so damn fine work 402nd, keep it up!

After a quiet air patrol the 485th again found targets to attack around the front lines ahead of the push by our ground forces in the Wassenberg area. Setting to with their usual fervor, the 485th accounted for 23 AAA and artillery pieces and once again earned the appreciation of our soldiers. Another excellent performance 485th and just what we've come to expect from you hard charging bastards.

We were not without loss however; 2nd Lt. Dennis McFly of the 402nd hit the ground whilst attacking the airfield at Strassfeld. 

2nd Lt. Sidney Gittens of the 485th had a close call with the flak and took damage and Maj. Payne-Less endulged his horticultural persuasions by collecting a tree during one of his strafing runs; but we are glad to say that they each made it back to force land at friendly airfields near the front. 

The Met boys say that the weather looks good for tomorrow, the 28th October, so keep the partying low-key 'cos you'll need clear heads for the morning.... [to be flown on Sunday October 4th 2020] 

The Squadron logs:


402nd Sqn Log 27-10-44 a.PNG

402nd Sqn Log 27-10-44 b.PNG

402nd Sqn Log 27-10-44 c.PNG

402nd Sqn Log 27-10-44 d.PNG

485th Sqn Log 27-10-44 a.PNG

485th Sqn Log 27-10-44 b.PNG

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Gents: family issues will mean that my attendance this eve is improbable; however, I do not wish to prevent the remainder of you from enjoying the campaign, so, if FT or another server admin is happy to navigate through the PWCG interface and generate a mission and admin the AAR then please do continue without me.

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Took a look at PWCG, first page when preparing a new mission shows:


Now, someone could  play Fenton Rea instead. Or let AI fly  ... but no. Better to postpone ...

If we keep the current scheme, next one would be on Tuesday 13th of October.

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FT is simply trying to avoid his turn at having to lead the 402nd.  He may just have a case of the jitters and be in need of a vacation.

I'll volunteer to lead 402nd and take that off your plate. Failing that we may schedule a chat with the Wing Commander regarding a LMF issue.

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Debrief for 27/10/44 mission.

402nd: Air Patrol front lines east of Houffalize.

Carrying bombs in case the Luftwaffe again refrained from showing up, Lt. Efftee was leading the patrol when bogeys were spotted 12 o'clock high - mistaking these aircraft for P-47s, the 402nd found out the hard way that their aircraft identification needed some work when Lt. Efftee's aircraft was jumped and hit by a Fw 190 before his wingman had time to warn him. Fortunately, Lt. Efftee managed to nurse his plane to just within the friendly side of the front line before bailing, though he has been slightly banged up by the experience.

Sufficed to say the rest of the 402nd were not much amused by these actions and took the brazen Fw's to task, downing 3 enemy aircraft, the victorious pilots being 2nd Lts. Casey Baker, Bertie Finknottle and Louis Zook. Revenge was swift, but a statutory lesson not to pay lip service to the Jagdwaffe, even when they appear to be a shadow of their former selves - give them an inch and they'll take a squadron commander!

Having used the majority of their ammo in the robust air-to-air engagement and finding slim pickings on the ground they nonetheless managed to root out a number of ground targets to lay waste to, though 2nd Lt. Finknottle picked up some AAA which hit his starboard coolant system and before too long rendered the motor inoperable. However, not unaccustomed to this particular situation he made it all the way back to Florennes and made a better landing on one-engine than some chaps manage with two, so nice work Finky - and part of the reason, no doubt, that upper echelons have seen fit to award you the Bronze Star. Congratulations 2nd Lt. Finknottle! Well deserved. Though you are starting to get a reputation for single-engined returns... ;)



With instructions to engage enemy ground forces in the vicinity of Houffalize, the 485th was set to continue their record of excellence; however, things started badly with technical gremlins frustrating 3 of their pilots who aborted prior to takeoff. This run of ill-luck was compounded when Capt. David Prang, one of the ground attack luminaries of the squadron, apparently mis-judged his attack pass on an AAA gun and struck trees on egress - the unfortunate fellow was killed immediately. This combined with the enemy adopting well camouflaged positions and forcing some tricky approaches in the hilly wooded terrain, slightly frustrated the squadrons efforts this day. There were however, flashes of the squadrons previous brilliance, particularly from Maj. Payne-less, who alone accounted for 10 of the total 18 targets destroyed by the squadron, including an entire artillery battery who were causing heavy casualties among our advancing troops; they send their wholehearted thanks to the squadron and a freshly liberated case of something to keep you boys well lubricated as a token of their appreciation.

So, in all, not the best day all round, and certainly some lessons to be learnt, but a solid performance nonetheless and the GI's certainly welcomed our efforts out there today.

Good job fellas.



402nd Sqn Log 28-10-44 a.PNG

402nd Sqn Log 28-10-44 b.PNG

Jabos Bronze Star 28-10-44.PNG

485th Sqn Log 28-10-44 a.PNG

485th Sqn Log 28-10-44 b.PNG

485th Sqn Log 28-10-44 c.PNG

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Weather looks downright awful tomorrow, but the Met boys report a front clearing for the 30th October [to be flown on Tuesday October 13th 2020] 

We welcome 2nd Lt. Joe Walsh to the ranks of the 485th! Best of luck.

402nd Roster 30-10-44.PNG

485th Roster 30-10-44.PNG

370th FG Claims Record 30-10-44.PNG

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