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The Tokyo Club Online Mission

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Hey Guys,

                     I'm not trying to aggravate you in the case that the thread on the Tokyo Club was deleted on purpose.

                     In case any of you are interested , there will be a long (3+ hours) Online Mission this Saturday ,

                     7 April at 1800 hrs Atlantic (UTC -3).

                      Game Version :

                      HSFX 7.0.3

                     Mods :

                     HSFX History , Expert Mode , Kanto Map (for JSGME).

                     The Mission is a recreation of a B29 Raid from Iwo Jima to Honshu on the Japanese Mainland.

                     (Incidentally 73 years to the day the first B29 mission escorted by P51s out of Iwo hit Honshu)

                     The B29s will be escorted by P51D (VLR) Mustangs of the VII Fighter Command , that would come to be

                     known as the "Tokyo Club"

                     Squads/Pilots may choose to fly as Red Bomber (B29s) , Red Fighter (P51Ds) or Blue (various late war Japanese Aircraft).

                     Red pilots must be committed to fly the entire duration. Blue Pilots may come and go as they wish.

                     Both sides will have a finite aircraft count.

                     There is a Pilot Kit available for download. The kit includes the Mod Map for JSGME , an historical skinpack , a printable map ,

                     and an historical mission outline.

                     For more info , please contact Kopfdorfer by PM at M4T , SAS , SEOWHQ or on Ventrilo at Aces High , or Teamspeak at Joint Command or

                     Virtual Fighter Squadrons Tolwyn , or page me at Hyperlobby.

                     There will be a mission password , and we will not be able to entertain late joiners.


                      I hope some of you can make it.

                      If this is inappropriate here , I am sure it will be deleted.


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