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  1. Flying the same mission we flew last week, but reversed it from a Russian COOP to a German one. Also added a few AI in the outlying areas where it was sparse. Our COOP's are built like dogfight servers, so you are welcome to fly with us our against us. I believe WWSitting Duck has a test mission he wants to try first, that will be up at 1800pst, actual mission start approx 1830pst. Look forward to seeing you there.
  2. Mainly just introducing the Wing Walkers to your squad, not intending to pull your Mission Builders into the Dark Side! Generally we tweak existing missions so it does not take so much time. It can be brain numbing for sure.
  3. It has been great having the Devil Dogs flying with the WingWalkers on Tuesday nights. I am the CO and the mission builder for the squad. WWSittingDuck is also a mission builder. I have been "tweeking" Vanderstock's COOP missions and would welcome some collaboration with the DD Mission Builder's for future events. Let me know who you are and I will keep you in the loop and share missions as I tweek them. So for the focus has been on not investing too much time ( we all have real lives!).... but turning one sided COOP missions into open server dogfight missions by adding an open enemy base. We are trying to encourage visitors to join in and fly with us or against us. With DD folks attending we usually have 6 or 7 flyers, so with the DD numbers have been sitting around 15 plus people so it has been good fun. Salute! WWGeezer www.wingwalkers.org